Healthy Pregnancy After An Ectopic

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shann0125 - March 11

i was diagnosed this week with an ectopic pregnancy and was treated on Thursday with a methotrexate injection. it's been extremely difficult and emotional, but i'm really hoping this treatment will work so we can avoid surgery. (this is my first pregnancy) i'm having my next blood test on monday to be sure that my hcg levels are dropping. has anyone had a positive experience with methotrexate? i'm very concerned that this will happen again and that we are in for a long ride as far as conceiving goes. has anyone had a healthy pregnancy after an ectopic? how long did it take to conceive after the ectopic? i'm looking forward to hearing stories and experiences.


lisarenee - March 12

Hi shann0125. I had an ectopic pregnancy in November. (my first pregnancy) I also was treated with metholtrexate and it worked! I think it was the most emotional time in my life and the drug made me very ill. I still do not know why it happened, I never had anythig happen down there that usually causes these, I guess it was just a fluke. I was so scared, but I survived with alot of support . I even had to have my Mom come and stay with my husband and I for a couple of weeks while the medicine did it's job. I was sooo very fearful of going through that again that I had a fertility doctor perform a hysteriopingogram before I would try again. It cleared my tubes out and all looked well (my tubes were in good shape and did not appear to have any scare tissue) so we tried again and I am now 7 weeks 4 days and the baby has a strong heartbeat! Good luck, I hope all goes better for you next time. Oh, they say to wait 3months to 1 year to try again. I waited 3 months.


pk74 - March 13

Hi ladies. I had an ectopic in June (my third pregnancy - I have two older children). I had to have surgery and lost my left fallopian tube. Thankfully, we conceived again in October and I am now 24 weeks pregnant ( a boy!) It's kind of strange - I had surgery on June 22 '06 that ended that pregnancy and my due date with this pregnancy is June 30 '07. I really hope everything works out for everyone!!



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