Heart Broken

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Nat - May 9

I dont know if this is the right message board to be putting this on and I know some of you will get angry but I just dont know where else to go and need to talk. I had an abortion a few months ago now. I cant stop thinking about it. I feel really bad and sometimes wish I hadnt gone through with it. Other times im glad becuase I dont think I would still be with my partner now and my financial situation just wasnt right. I am only 22 but long for the day when I can have a child. I know my partner is not ready and wont be for a few years yet. Is anybody else going through or have ever been in the same situation as me? Please any advice! x


a friend - May 9

Nat, I have not been in your situation before, but I did volunteer at a pregnancy center where we educated women about abortion. What you are feeling is very normal. Many pregnancy centers offer group sessions or individual sessions where you can talk to someone one on one and help you through this painful time. There are many emotions that can follow an abortion. My prayers are with you!


carla - May 9

Hi i know exactly how you feel i had a termination at 8 weeks, on 31st march and alternate between desperation and complete heartbreak to feeling that maybe i did the right thing?It was the hardest most horrible decision ever, even when they prepared me for theatre my heart just felt that if my bf had said 'no lets keep the baby we'll cope' i would'nt have gone thro with it. Maybe that makes me such a weak person, but every day i think about my baby and how old it would be, my heart is ripped out. i don't think i can presume to offer you advice but i'll be thinking bout youx


it will get better - May 9

I have had an abortion before. I know I made the right decision. My husband and I were dating at the time, with little money and were struggling paycheck to paycheck and well behind on bills. It was still very hard for me to heal at first. Every week that went by I thought about the progress the baby would have made by that point. It was really hard to see others with babies. I think it was especially hard because a big part of me wanted to be a mom I just knew the timing was really bad and that I could not provide. I was worried that maybe that was my only chance and I had given it up. Time will make things better - trust me, I know. You know your situation better than anyone else and I am sure you made the decision that was in your best interest. I am now married, we are doing better financially, and we are expecting this time I know it is right and we are more than ready to provide for the little one. Good luck!


Happy Mommy - May 10

I am pregnant with my 6th child right now. My BABY is 6 weeks old. Most drs would say it is just a clump of tissue now, but no, he/she has a beating heart and is a tiny little human being. It is good and right to have awful feelings about murdering an unborn baby. It is so sad the way Drs and others have made this some sort of 'surgical procedure." It is down right MURDER! If you are not ready for a baby DON"T HAVE s_x! If anyone really feels like "they made the right decision" after an abortion it is only because they need to try to sike themselves into thinking they did the right thing because of the guilt they carry. You will not find healing after an abortion until you realize that you made an awful choice to kill your baby. Heart broken, You are on the road to recovery now. I am sorry for your feelings. I really am. Your feelings are very normal. You can get through this with the help of the Lord. Ask the Lord to forgive you and give Him your life. I know for a fact that your baby is with Jesus now. He/she is not suffering. You made a terrible choice, but now you must move on. Be a voice for these poor unborn babies that have no voice. Take a stand and maybe you can save another woman the heart ache and guilt that you are feeling now. God bless you as you seek Him! HM


phylis - May 10

Listen to the post from "a friend". But really, a pregnancy loss, miscarriage site is not the best place to post this. Though you did have a loss, it was through a choice you made. So many women hear have lost babies that they so dearly wanted, so don't be surprised if you get angry responses. Please consider careful birth control, and do get counseling if you need it, especially if you become more depressed.


!! - May 11

Trust me this is definatly the wrong site to post on. we r All dealing with losing a baby not killing our much wanted babies. i understand your feeling low and finding things very hard to deal with but you choose to go through with it, no one made you lie on that operation table and do what you did, i had no choice but to lay on that table and trust me i would give and do anything to have not gone through losing a baby. sorry if i sound cold towards your problem!



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