Heartbeat Then No Heartbeat HELP

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jerryhal1 - January 19

My gf (she's 43) had a va___al ultrasound at 8 weeks, where the heartbeat was both visible and audible. At her 10th week appt the doctor couldn't find a heartbeat through va___al ultrasound and remarked that the fetus was only 8 weeks along. His "guess" was that the fetus died two weeks ago and that a miscarriage should be forthcoming. She's going back to the doctor next week for a confirmation/follow-up. Is this a sure sign of miscarriage? If so, why hasn't she started bleeding yet? No signs of blood anywhere....can someone help us with this? Thanks and God Bless.


Kara - January 19

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Officially, its called a "missed miscarriage". The reason she hasn't started bleeding yet is because her body doesn't know that its not pregnant. The placenta may still be producing pregnancy hormones. The doctor will most likely give her the option of getting a d/c to clean out the uterus or to wait it out for her body to pa__s the tissue naturally. But it can take weeks for that to happen (usually it will start with light spotting that can go on for quite awhile befor the active bleeding starts) Alot of women with opt for the d/c since the lining may have continued to thicken so there will be a lot of blood to pa__s. With the d/c they usually put you under with a twilight drug. The procedure is all over in about 30 minutes and you are usually headed back home about an hour later. I have 3 m/c's. Two natural and one with d/c. My personal feeling is that the d/c is the way to go. No woman should have to suffer thru a natural m/c if they don't have to. Once again, I am so sorry for your loss.


jerryhal1 - January 19

Thank you so much for the kind words and the information. I'm also sorry to hear about your misfortunes in the past. Take care and best of luck in the future :)


Ala - January 19

I am so sorry to hear that. I have been thru 6 horrible miscarriages and it sadly does sound like she will miscarry. I have heard stories about woman when they are so early hearing the same thing from the doct and then returning for a follow up and finding a healthy heartbeat. I would for sure do another U/S in a week or two to make sure before going ahead with a D&C. I have miscarried my babies all naturally, no D&C's.


Liz - January 20

It definately a misscarriage and actually the same thing just happened to a friend of mine and is was devistating to her. If there was not evidennce of a heart beat then the baby has died. A heartbeat can not stop and restart itself in the womb and at 10 weeks the heart beatr would be present and easily seen from any angle the baby was positioned in. V ery sorry for your loss.


jerryhal1 - January 20

Well, we figured as much, but sometimes a visit to the doctor can be ambiguous. I'm sure misdiagnosing a miscarriage is a very rare occurence and that doctor's are very careful not to say the word "miscarriage" unless they are almost certain it will occur. Anyway, thanks for the information and the sympathy. I feel obligated to inform those who have responded that this was an unwanted pregnancy, but we were prepared to handle whatver God gave us. Thanks for your help! Best of luck to all of you!



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