Heavy Bleeding 1 Week After D Amp C

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Melissa - November 2

HI, a few hours ago, I started getting what felt like menstrual cramps. I had a D&C exactly 7 days ago. Anyway, I ignored the pain thinking maybe it is the uterus shrinking back down. Then a few minutes ago, I went into the bathroom and am bleeding quite heavily. I have a call into my doctor, but had to leave a message. I was hoping someone could tell me if they have had this experience? My doc said I shouldn't expect a period for at least 4 weeks. Could this be really bad?? I honestly don't think I could handle anything else going wrong!


michelle johnson(bahamas) - November 2

hi something is not right !! i had a d&c but was bleeding for about ten days . the bleeding should should be heavy at first after a d&c then start to get lighter. i think you need to check with your doctor again or check with another doctor.


Sandra - November 2

I had very little bleeding after my d&c, and then exactly 10 days later I bled really heavily for a day. My doctor said it was nothing to worry about and that I could count it as my first period.


Q - November 3

I wouldn't worry unless you soak more than three pads in an hour. When I had my d&c, my bleeding tapered off after 4 days, but on the 5th or 6th day (can't remember which) I started bleeding way more heavily and was concerned as well. Just remember that your body has been through a lot and everyone has different healing patterns. Best wishes, and I'm sorry for your loss


Melissa - November 3

Thanks everyone for posting to my question. The bleeding is almost gone this morning. I left work early yesterday just in case the pain or bleeding grew worse. I guess I wanted to be in the safety of my own home! Anyway, when I got home, the bleeding had tappered off to staining. This morning I am staining, but the blood seems to be dark brown and not heavy. Yesterday it was very fresh and red. The cramps are gone, but again, I have another call into my doctor to discuss. I just thought it was strange that I was bleeding like that 7 days after the D&C. Right after the D&C, I bled for an hour or so, but then nothing until yesterday. I really hate that my body is doing all these unexpected things and I have no control over it! What an experience this has been. The last 10 days of my life have been so unpredictable, emotional, painful, ect. I just wish this would all be over already.


Melissa - November 3

I just got a callback from the doctor's office. She said when I get home to put my feet up for the remainder of the evening. She said it is a good sign that the bleeding is not a fresh red and heavy today and the fact that is is slow and dark brown it a good thing. She explained that it is probably just lefotver blood from the uterus lining. But that if it gets heavy and red again or accompanied by cramps to call her.


Sandra - November 3

That's good news Melissa. What you're going through is a tough time, but you'll get through it. I hope everything goes better next time around.



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