Heavy Bleeding And Cramping

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PacRat331 - January 22

Hi, I just found out i am pregnant a week ago, and my first doc. appt is still a week and a half away (so i dont know how far along i am actually...im guessing around 5 weeks), and this morning i woke up with slight cramping and with lots of blood in my underwear. the cramps got worse throughout the day...almost as bad a menstrual cramps and the bleeding is just like a period too. Ive read so much about it and they say not to worry, and my doc. told me to wait until tomorrow to come in. i know spotting is common, but how common is this heavy bleeding and cramping? please respond if you can help at all...im losing my mind!!


maura36 - January 22

I had a friend with a similar incident. She went ont to give birth to a healthy baby girl. Sometimes bleeding is just sign to take it easy. Put your feet up and relax.


hailey07 - January 22

I am going through my first m/c and actually what got my attention was the cramps. I had light cramps during the first week of my pregnancy but nothing like the ones I experienced. I had cramps in the morning when I woke up, spotting that afternoon, and heavy heavy bleeding that evening. I would call your doctor to see if you could get into his/her office earlier. You need to be examined just be make sure that everything is going ok, your doctor will probably run some bloodtests to look at your hcg levels and run a obstetric panel. Hope all goes well!


JuJu - January 22

PacRat; I am sorry to hear that you are having to deal with the worry of being pregnant and bleeding - not easy. Bleeding by itself is not necessarily a miscarriage, and like Maura says many women bleed during their pregnancy. However, medium to heavy bleeding accompanied by cramping is not quite so positive - like Hailey I would definitely recommend that you see your doctor sooner. Hope everything turns out ok for you {{hugs}}.



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