Heavy Bleeding Hcgs Dropped Then Increased

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cauk - September 12

This is a long story so please bear with me as i need advice. I discoverd I ws pregnant on the 31st August. One the 4th Sep I went for a scan that showed a sac at around 4 weeks, and hcg was 2800. On the 6th i started spotting, only abit didnt need a pad in or anything. Also on the 6th hcg was only 3500, 25% increse, its ment to double. They felt concerned it could be an eptopic so continued to moniter my hcg levels. 48hrs later on the 8th my hcg was 4400, 25% again. They did tell me though that alittle spotting was normal and my progesterone was good at 31.2. I went for an internal scan on the Friday morning, the 10th. The scan showed that the sac has increased accordingly to just under 5 weeks and a yolk had developed. This rulled out an eptopic. About an hour after my scan I started bleeding heavy so they tested my hcg again and it was 4250, a drop of 150, and progesterone was 22. They told me to expect a miscarrage. Over the weekend the bleeding continued and I am having some cramping and passing small clots. I went back to the hospital today, the 12th, to check that my hcg was falling accordingly and it has rissen to 5900, an increase of 40%, the biggest increse so far. The doctor is baffled and has compleatly rulled out the posibility of an eptopic pregnancy but has no idea what is goin on. She will not test my hcg or scan me now unit Friday the 17th she want to leave it a longer period of time to give a better picture to whats goin on. In the meen timne i have to carry on as normal but its gonna be hard. I just wish someone could tell me what to expect.???? I do have to healthly little girls and have also has 2 miscarrages inbetween having my babies. sam x


Jenrae - November 10

Hi , how is everything Now? I am having some issues like you and would love to hear how yours turned out. thanks



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