Heavy Bleeding With Clots Is This A Definite Miscarriage

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Melissa - March 31

I am 9 weeks and yesterday I started having bleeding and it is still going on today. The blood is moderate to heavy with clots but I do not have cramps just bloating. I have not seen anything else. I dont know what to look for. My doctor says I need to wait till monday for my US but I am going to go nuts. Any postive chance here? Please Help!


Petra - March 31

Try and see if you can have an us done. I went thru the same thing and my dr send me for an us right away. I am so happy he did.. I know there's a lot of women out there who have had bleeding througout their pregnancies. But for your own sanity you need that us done. Call your doctor again and try... Good luck and hang in there...


Ellie - March 31

Melissa, did your doctor know you were bleeding moderate/heavy with clotting when he denied you the u/s? If so, that is downright WRONG and doesn't help you out any. Try to get in before Monday, and if he still won't see you, go to the ER....and find another doctor. Any bleeding during pregnancy needs to be checked out. I too have heard of women bleeding throughout their pregnancies and continuing on to have healthy babies, but since you are so early along (9 weeks), please get some medical attention for your own peace of mind as well as your health and the health of the baby. Good luck and let us know how you are doing. Thinking of you as I experienced the same thing.


Angie - March 31

Melissa I totally agree with Ellie. Go to the ER immediatly. Your doctor should have called you in for u/s right away especially when you told him of the heavly bleeding and clots. I just had a miscarriage myself and suggest for your own peace of mind to get an u/s done in the ER. Good luck and keep us posted.


Pat - March 31

I had clots and began bleeding. I was scheduled for an u/s one week later. Well, I couldn't wait that long! I called a few hospitals in the area and asked if I could get an u/s if I came to emerg as I believe I'm miscarrying. All told me I could get an u/s if it was during the day. The u/s unit closes at 4:00p.m. So the next morning at 9:00 a.m. I went to emerg and told them I had clotting and bleeding and I thought I may be miscarrying and a that I'd like a u/s to make sure as I was worried about infection. I think I may have said that my doctor was on vacation (small lie). They took me in right away. I did eventually miscarry. Bleeding doesn't necessarily mean miscarriage but pa__sing clots (even small ones) usually does. I felt bad fibbing, but let's face it, this is one of the hardest things I had to go through--and they wanted me to wait a week--I don't think so!! Even though I miscarried I'm glad I found out right away. You're going through so much--why prolong it? Waiting is the hardest part! Good luck!


Melissa - April 1

I called my doc this morning and he said to go to the ER they confirmed a miscarriage is happening. I am in the denial stage. This is so hard still. My obgyn has been very compa__sionate about this and I see him again in a week. I am just wondering when this bleeding stops. Thanks everyone for listening and responding it means alot. God Bless


Pat - April 1

When I miscarried, I bled for about 6 days and it was heavier than a regular period. Hang in there!


nancy - April 15

How long should you wait after a miscarriage to try again?


amy - April 16

Melissa, I am so sorry to hear that you had a m/c...i had an early m/c too and it was devistating to me emotionally and physically...it has been 2 months since my m/c and things are getting better. Keep your hopes up and good luck to you. Does anyone have advice for me?.. here's what's going on..I took an HPT when I was 1 day late this cycle and got a faint +, then af came the next day...now my period is abnormal.. very, very heavy w/ significant clots (sorry for tmi), and heavy cramping. This is also my 1st af since laperoscopy..not sure what to think, but it is definitely not normal....could it have been another m/c? i hope not..any thoughts? Thanks, and good luck to all.


Marie - June 13

I'm not sure....I am between 9-12 weeks...found out a week ago that i'm pregnant....have been spotting for 3 weeks now...some days heavier somedays barely at all....somedays none at all....i have pa__sed one or two very small clots in the 3 weeks i've been spotting...yet my HCG levels are still up there...I don't know what to think myself...and my obgyn wouldn't set my appt. until June 23....so im having to sit and wait myself...for 2 weeks though


Christina - June 13

Melissa, don't give up hope yet!! I had clots the size of my palm-- twice! No cramping though. The 1st time was at 8 weeks and then at 9 weeks. The doc diagnosed me with a subchorionic hematoma. Our baby is doing well for now but the doc says I have a 50% chance of miscarrying. They say the farther along I get, the better my babys chances are. I am 12 weeks now and had another u/s Thurs. Baby is still fine. They say if my bleeding increases to come in right away. In the mean time rest and put your feet up. I can't understand why the doc would not give you an u/s!! You need to go to emergency if this ever happens again! Best of luck!! and God bless!


Minky2009 - April 12

8+2 days pregnant, heavy fresh bleeding last night, few small clots, one large 3x4cm liver like clot at the end of the 4 hour ordeal before bleeding stopped. Emergency doc did not phone me till 6am, told me to wait until tuesday to see doc after the bank hol weekend as i'd prob miscarried. Desperate, I managed to have private scan (Babybond) that day - so shocked baby there with heartbeat. Placenta praevaria caused the bleeding. I had been in middle of ma__sive spring clean when it started. What ever the outcome, even if its a devestating outcome, just remember the decision was taken out of your hands for your own good, even though you don't understand that now. God bless, wishing you all the best lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


vict0riasecret - May 3

Hey everyone... I just found out last week that I am a little over five weeks pregnant. I was so excited and doing everything right. I have already gone through a molar pregnancy, dnc, and chemo because of my last pregnancy of 2007. I am only 22 and I am praying and hoping for a healthy baby. However, I started bleeding on friday may 1st. I went to Urgent care but the doctor was not very helpful. He said I couldn't have an ultrasound done cause Im only five weeks... and he didn't believe I was miscarrying at the time. He phone obgyn on call and they siad to test my blood for hcg levels. I have to go back today for another hcg blood test. They are making me wait till monday to get the results. Im scared, sad, and very upset. I know some women bleed at the beginning... but I honestly think I miscarried. I took another pregnancy test and it was neg; however, a friend told me that blood in the urine could affect the results of the test. Could my hcg hormone already be all gone from my body after only two days of bleeding? Plus, I havent seen anything but very small clots. I have no pain but red blood like a period. Can someone please help me! I am going crazy .... any suggestions?


Minky2009 - May 4

Hi, so sorry to hear what you are going through, I think you should expect either way because with clots there is a real possibility you can m/c. Will be thinking of you big hug and prayers xx Just an update for all those of you suffering m/c. I started bleeding so heavily on Friday 1 May I was rushed to hospital (no clots), that night I pa__sed baby in a palm sized huge clot, then a grey sac next day after which bleeding died down. Ab gutted, huge open wound in my heart, all my dreams, ident_tiy and plans over in seconds. Have 2 children so had to sort myself out quickly. Next day head such a mess, felt really down and tearful. Wrote down all the things I knew would gradually occur to me in my now sudden new life (my routine of looking up fun pregnancy web sites at bedtime, the very sore b___bs, pregnant colleagues at work, and having to face other colleagues' again, mums with babies out shopping, dates such as scans etc) Writing it all down really helped. I now know what to expect, and therefore will reduce the risk of unexpectedly breaking down in public. I have accepted, as painful as it is, that for whatever reason, all this experience was meant to be for some higher good. You don't know how much this has helped me cope. Hope it will be of some use to others' suffering the same appauling experience. I intend to get docs note on Tuesday and have rest of week off work to come to terms with it all and feel stronger. My heart goes out to you all, God bless, lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


trinak06 - October 17

i found out i was pregnant last week,i took two home preg.both came back positive,then i went in to see the dct.& recieved the same results.i had told him a couple of days before i took the home pregnancy tests that i had light spotting so he ordered me to get an HCG test which came back at 43.he did a urine test to check for any infections which it came back and said i have UTI ive been taking keflex for it. they did an ultrasound which they didnt see anything because it was way to early to see a sac yet. he didnt see any sign of an ectopic preg.at all,he also said i had no free fluid,and the lining of my uterus was thick-he suggested that if i had any bleeding of cramping to go to the e.r...so as soon as i got home i started bleeding-went to the e.r.they did another hcg test which was 11-they also did a pelvic exam and v____al ultrasound-during the pelvic exam they dct.said he found a small cyst on my right ovary which was nothing to worry about but he never told me where the bleeding was coming from-he just ordered me to be on bed rest and said it was way to early to see a sac -since i left the e.r.the bleeding stopped and came back for 4 days with some clots then completely stopped for good,since the bleeding stopped ive had some slight pain around my navel(lasted 10 sec.or so)i was wondering what that could be-im very concerned and pray everyday that everything comes out ok-i dont go back to the doctor until nov.5


margie - November 8

it doesn't necessarily always mean miscarriage, I had heavy bleeding around 7 weeks with my daughter and ER doc told me that I was going to miscarry but then the heartbeat was still there at my follow up appointment with my doctor and it was a subchorionic hemmorage, i had modified bed rest and no lifting and lots of water, i also was on progesterone, my daughter was born healthy. i had a miscarriage a few months before this happened so I thought for sure i was again, but just goes to show that although most the time it is a mc sometimes can be something else


Debby001 - May 14

Hey every1, Im only 6 weeks pregnant and I have been having small amounts of blood. I have been to AE twice already, they gave me an internal and told me that my cervix was closed. I then went on to have an US. Everything seemed fine. 3 days on and the bleeding is getting worse. It is very heavy and im experiencing very small clots athough am in no pain. I am getting really worried this just dosnt seem normal! I dont know anybody that has experienced this and reall need som advice please help!!



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