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OliveUK - November 23

Hello ladies I am new to this site and desperate for answers that I cannot find. I am 8 weeks pregnant (as I believed), my midwife gave my due date of 3rd July, this was worked out on a generic 28 day cycle however my cycle can be anything from 33-37 days! So I thought maybe it was a bit inaccurate. Anyway 2 days ago I started to bleed very off/on and quite light, and brown colour. I went to the hospital yesterday for an ultrasound, they picked up a sac and pole, no heartbeat though but only measured the equivalent of between 5/6 weeks!! So they sent me home and have to wait for ANOTHER week and also monitor bleeding. Next Friday they will do another scan to see if baby died and stopped growing a week or so back or whether baby grown and my dates are wrong! I am so very very upset. Don't know what to think. Part of me says stay confident, it is poss my dates are wrong and baby small etc, but cmmon sense says come on, you are bleeding and can't be 2 weeks wrong with dates...or can I??? I can't really decide if I still have my pregnancy symptoms, as daft as that sounds!!HELP! I will never survive this week. Any advice would be great, I am driving myself potty. Has anyone had any experieneces similar? Many thanks :(


Tory1980 - November 23

With your cycle being longer you should have had it adjusted to show the difference and going off the average giving you a 35 day cycle and therefore your due date around the 10thJuly. My midwife/doctor has always done that because ging by a 28 day cycle if you have cycles like I do of 35-36 days it can put you a full week or more wrong on scans. If you thought you were 8 weeks by your dates and the baby is measuring 5-6 weeks then there is a strong possibility for you to be miscarrying HOWEVER it is quite common in pregnancy to have bleeds early on and for it not to result in m/c. I have had four term pregnancies and two m/c's and as silly as it may sound the pregnancies that I DIDN'T bleed were the ones I lost. At 5-6 weeks it is often very difficult to see anything but a sac/pole as the baby is so tiny. I have only ever had one scan at 6 weeks show the heartbeat. Unfortunately there is little that can be done to stop you miscarrying if that is indeed what is happening at this stage and again unfortunately there is little you can do but wait and see what may occur over the next week. Have you done any HPT lately? I used them like a mad woman (to the point of thinking of buying shares in some brands!) with the pregnancies following the m/c's and I know some people who after losing a baby use them to check their levels are dropping. Maybe try taking another one as that can show an indication as to whether you may be miscarrying. If it shows positive then it could be two things - baby is fighting and holding on or the levels are still high enough to show the +, if it shows negative then there is a good chance you will lose the baby. It is just an idea as it is something you can monitor yourself over the next week and hopefully won't drive you completely bonkers. Good luck honey. keep us informed.



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