Help For Me And My Wife

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Devin - December 15

My wife had a miscarriage almost two months ago and don't know what to do now. This was our first miscarriage and first pregnancy. My wife had a DNC.


Shygirl - December 15

Devin I am vey sorry for your and your wife's loss it is heartbreaking and such an awful thing to have to go through. Very sadly approx 1 in 4 pregnancies miscarry. It is very common and most common cause is a random chromosonal error which occurs while the baby is being formed right at the start of the process. The division of the millions of cells that occurs as a pregnancy is being formed is extremely complex and there is alot of room for 'error' Sometimes the pregnancy will continue for weeks before the woman's body realises information for the pregnancy is missing and so the baby then dies, sometimes it happens straight away. It is just so common and so very very sad to have to deal with. I sympathise with you I know how it feels. But after 1 miscarriage your wife has no reason to expect it to happen again-although some women will miscarry more than once in a row tha majority of women (and it's a huge majority) will carry to term and have a healthy baby after having had 1 miscarriage. I think you and your wife need to discuss how you want to deal with your loss-when you want to try again-you might want to wait a while to grieve or you might want to try again as soon as you can everyone is different and it's normal to feel either way about it it's what is right for you both. After our loss we wanted to try again but some people need more time and that is perfectly normal. Most doctors advice waiting for 1 period to pa__s before trying again. This is to date the next pregnancy but also to allow the woman's body to recover and her uterus lining to recover (especially important after a DNC which sc___pes away the lining of the uterus) After 1 period it should be ok to try again unless there is a specific medical reason as given by a doctor. For now just give each other lots of cuddles-grieve for the precious life you have lost and take as much time as you need to cry for them. You will always miss them and feel so sad for them but there is hope for the future and you can go on and be blessed- I pray you will be. Take care and please tell your wife about this forum she will find some good friends and alot of support here.



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