Help Getting Through M C Part 3

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Hel - April 18

Hi girls!!! Hope you found it! Let's stick together and keep this going strong. How are we all doing? xx


Jennifer28 - April 18

I'm doing okay! Sick to my stomach, but okay! I hope everyone finds us here. :) How is everyone else feeling?


Hel - April 18

Hi Jennifer glad you're OK, know the sick feeling haha. I was cooking a good breakie for myself this morning (I have to have a cooked one otherwise I feel faint by mid morning) and I fancied scrambled eggs. Whilst I was making it I kept running to the toilet to gag! Again I am just dry heaving with nothing coming up. Gross!! I have taken some belly pics and am going to do one a week! Wish there was a way to post them on this site... How is everyone else? xx


Jen01 - April 18

Thanks Hel, this is soo much better. I can't believe this is our 3rd thread! I agree, let's stick together. No more spotting, the nurse said not to worry about it since it wasn't getting worse throughout the day. Of course we can't help but worry. I guess time will tell, there's nothing I can do anyway. I'm still trying to be positive. I bought a flip calendar from, it tells you whats going on everyday inside. Sick last night. My hubby makes fun of me for going to bed so early, I told him I wish he had sympathy pains so he would know how it felt.


AshleyB - April 18

Hi all!! This is much better!! I can't believe we've all come so far together. It's great!


littleangel - April 18

hi ladies, i found you all, Hel great to start a new page i cant belive how far we have come too and we are the same ages its weird.congrats hel you 12wks i bet your happy , i hope all your sickness settle down soon, Jen01 glad you have stopped spotting and every thing is ok . i am not too bad still taking the folic acid and this wk end was "o" wkend so have been at it for days and then i go & get thrush and its sore and itchey, tmi i know but thats not going to stop me from bding lol i want this to be my mth so much. ((((hugs))) :) jo


Rhamrick - April 18

Will I ever stop thinking about the loss after my m/c? And start wanting to try again?


Jen01 - April 18

Rhamrick, I understand. I was very scared to try again, I waited 3 months before I even tried. I just couldn't imagine going through that again. Just because I'm pregnant again doesn't mean I don't still mourn. Tomorrow is my due date.


Hel - April 19

MOrning girls!! I am a bit annoyed this morning :x my precious little red car was broken into on our drive last night. They tried to prize open the driver's door and couldn't do it and broke it. Then they tried to prize open the rear pa__senger window. In frustration, they threw a brick thru the window and ran off!! Obviously too dumb to manage to break in let alone drive my car away. It has an immobiliser so they were never gonna get very far. Little blighters!! Our neighbours saw them ~ 3 kids. One of them left an attractive gob of spit on the drive which has been taken as evidence. But on a brighter note, our buyers are now ready to proceed so we should have a move date soon! xxx


Hel - April 19

JEN01 thinking of you today, I hope you will feel better once you have got this out of the way.RHAMRICK welcome. You will want to start trying again, but only when you;re ready. In the meantime, look out for number 1. xxx


Jennifer28 - April 19

Rhamrick- I am so sorry for your loss. The grieving process is so long and so very hard. I'm glad you found this site. There are so many women that can give you advice and just listen when you need it. How long ago was your m/c? Mine was in Dec '05 and I still think about it all the time. I don't think you'll ever forget, but time does heal and you will soon start to think about becoming pg again. Hang in there. We all know the horrible emptiness you feel. We're here for you!! ((((BIG HUGS))))... Right now it is time - like Hel said - to take care of yourself... JEN- I am so glad for you!! I know it must be awfully fightening but keep the faith and stay positive!! Lots and lots of (((HUGS))). JO- Did you convince dh to start taking the folic acid with you? I really think it would be a good idea!! Remember - don't stress yourself out about ttc while bding! Just ask Ashley!! ;) HEL- How obnoxious!! Stupid bratty kids. I know I am going to do everything in my power to ensure my little bean grows up to be a responsible young person. Maybe it's b/c I don't have any kids of my own but I find myself looking all around at parents that truly should've taken cla__ses b4 having any kids. I was at the grocery store last night and a little girl - couldn't have been older than 2 - kept telling her parents to 'shut up'. Except it sounded more like 'shu - uuh' . I giggled a bit at first because it sounded so funny but then I couldn't help but be angry w/ the parents. They have to learn this behavior from some where, right?!


Jen01 - April 19

Thanks Hel and Jen. Surprisingly I'm doing ok today. Of course the day isn't over yet. Temperature here in Texas is scorching hot already!! No such thing as spring here. Straight from Winter to summer!


AshleyB - April 19

HI all. Hel-sorry about your car, that really sucks! Dh and I have started walking almost a mile everyday. We started this morning. I think it will be really good for me especially. We're going to try and do it every morning. I'm still watching my diet really well. I've been eating lots of salads and veggies and fruit. Trying to get in the habit, so I won't gain much weight later. I've been so bloated and ga__sy, it's just horrible. I've been so uncomfortable. Today's not nearly as bad though, maybe the walk helped. Other than that, I've been feeling really good still. I'm really hungry in the morning and having to get up at least once sometimes twice in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Ohh, I remember that from before. My fatigue is completely different from last time. I was so exhausted all the time before, not so much this time. i've taken a few naps, but it's nothing like last time. Hopefully it's a good sign. I don't know. My doc appt is coming up in a week from today. I'm so glad. I really am curious what my levels are. It's so nice here in MI, it's about 68 degrees and sunny and clear. I love it. I just want to plant flowers and have bonfires in the yard at night. Signs of summer!!


littleangel - April 19

hi jennifer28, i glad your ok, i know what you mean about bratty kids, theres a few where i live the just dont give a damm. Folic acid i have not ask him yet but i am giving him a lot of fruit, veg and youghts as they have it in i think as for beding i know i will have to relax, fingers XXXXX Jen01 i hope you are ok today i know its your due date and i am sorry i am thinking of you, mine will be a mth from today 19/5 not looking forward to it i can tell ya.Hel glad your ok too and sorry about your car as well, how annoying is that the little brats.Ashley i am glad your feeling ok aswell. me i am fine, nothing really happen today in the life of jo sorry girls lol. take care every one :) jo


Jennifer28 - April 20

Hey girls. Well, I threw up for the 1st time this morning. Yuck. I was concerned when I first woke up b/c my bbs weren't nearly as sensitive as they have been in the a.m. I drank a little apple juice and my tummy really started turning... and then it came right back up. I HATE throwing up. Now I feel like I could do it again... JO- Dark green lettuce is full of folic acid. Make him eat more greens. ;) ASH- Only 6 more days to wait until our dr.'s appts! Not that I'm counting or anything. ;) I tried the walking thing myself. I did it for 2 days straight. Now w/ spring here we have so much work to do around the house so it seems I can't find the time. My doggy isn't too happy about it. She so loved taking walks. I am going to go home, give her a bath and try to take her for a walk again. DH makes me take my cell phone w/ me. Isn't he funny? JEN- Hope you made it thru yesterday. I know it must've been tough for you. (((HUGS))) You have so much to look forward to!! Just keep looking towards the future. xx On a super sad note, this morning I got a phone call from our nephew. His g/f is in the hospital going thru labor to give birth to their baby that is only 4 1/2 months along. They discovered thru an u/s the baby had multiple tumors, 2 stomachs, and serious heart complications. I just feel so bad for him and his g/f. He is almost 21 and has delt w/ heart issues of his own his entire life. I didn't know what to say to him except that I was praying for them and that I loved him. It just makes me so sad to know there are people that have to go thru such terrible tragedies... Bummer day, girls. Sorry if I brought any one down. Just needed to get it out a bit. Thanks for the ears. x x x


Jen01 - April 20

Jen, sorry about your nephew. It scares you, especially when its so close. Don't ever watch discovery health channel!!! I'm addicted. Hel - I hope they figure out who trashed your car. Congrats on the house though! Jo - Thanks for the good thoughts yesterday (everybody thanks), I made it through the day pretty well. I'm very proud of myself. Have a good day everybody!


Hel - April 20

Hi girls JEN28 I am sooo sorry to hear about your nephew that is shocking and frightening. They have a really tough time ahead, don't they? That has really knocked the wind out of me. And your sickness!! OMG. Horrible but at the same time rea__suring, right?xx JEN01 well done on getting thru yesterday, that was really brave of you. You have this pregnancy to focus on now, which I think does ease the pain of your loss ~ it has for me anyway. I don't know whether people would consider it healthy to think like that or not, but that's how I feel.xx JO how are you getting on today? xx JUJU you MUST be back from holiday soon! Can anyone remember when she gets back? I really miss you Ju. xx ASH it sounds like you are getting the symptoms too! If I have a big meal, I get so bloated and ga__sy. In fact by the end of each day I'm like that, it's just horrible! I have resorted to sticking my legs in the air for a bit (like when ttc lol!) to try to gently persuade the wind out of the system LOL Well, we are hoping to be able to complete and move next Friday, but we haven't been able to get hold of our buyer or his solicitor today, so things aren't looking very promising. I just want to move especially after the other night! Hugs girls xxx



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