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MC777 - November 29

HI, I had a miscarriage in June it was the most hardest thing I had to go threw in my life. I had a couple of dreams that I was having another miscarriage over and over again. My boyfriend and I plan of having another baby, but I get scared that i'm going to have a miscarriage. I would have been my first child. I would have been due December 22,2007. Can someone help me please. Thanks!


oncemore - November 29

MC777- Everyone that experiences a loss knows how you feel... but with everyone, the grieving process and healing process is different. You heart is still hurting. It's ok to be scared about losing another baby to m/c, but the chances are really low. Are you taking prenatal vitamins and taking good care of yourself? Are you in a supportive relationship with your bf? If so... then you are going to be ok... you will succeed at having a baby but you will not know until you try again. Yes, there are women that have a hard time either getting pg or staying pg, or both... but for the most part... you are in the low risk group to have another m/c. Talk through your fears with your bf and get your heart in a happy state first. That doesn't mean you will need to forget about your first child you carried...remember him/her always... but know that there wasn't anything you could do or not do to keep from m/c'ing... it happens and it wasn't your fault. Maybe after you get past your due date of the one you lost, you will be a bit closer to healing. But talk it through and know that it is perfectly normal and ok to be nervous, scared, anxious over trying again... it's still hard for me as well. I am 13 wks pg with my 5th child, our 4th child we lost at 14 1/2 weeks pregnant and there was no answer as to why his heart stopped... it just did. I am still very nervous with this pg and keep thinking I will be better once I pa__s the "14 1/2 wk" mark... but I don't know now... I think I will always worry a little bit throughout the whole pregnancy. Having a loss takes the innocence away from pregnancy... but not the joy! Take care and good luck with your plans!


MC777 - November 30

oncemore-->Thank you so much for your advice it really touched me.!!! I am sorry for your lose also. I have started to go to the gym tring to keep myself in shape, I dont eat junk food anymore. I have a questions. Since I already had a miscarriage why is it a very low chances that it won't happen again? My boyfriend is also scared to. Please Oncemore write back. Thank you so much!!!!


ZenGirl - November 30

MC777- feel free to join us on the cleanslate thread.. oncemore is one of our special girls. :))


oncemore - November 30

Zen- you are soo cute! Yes MC777, you are welcome to join us gals over on the thread t_tled "the clean slate" I think we are still on #60...but we chat it could go to #61 soon, lol! OK...why I say your chances are low... because that is what they say "statistically" speaking.... most women who have a m/c will go onto having a healthy pg afterwards. It's only in rare situations that there are some women that have certain issues that prevent them from keeping a pg (such as a divided uterus) or blood clotting disorders... don't want to freak you out... so don't think too much into the rare cases.... but usually a doctor will not look into seeing if there is a problem for you until after your 3rd m/c. However... with older women, it can be looked at after 2 m/c. But all doctors are different. Seriously though... statistics say that most women who experience a m/c will go onto having a normal healthy pregnancy following. it's hard not to worry, but try to stay optomistic. Good for you taking care of your body and trying to stay away from junk food. Who knows how much all the c___p they put into processed foods may hinder a pg or hurt a growing fetus. Good girl. There are many gals over on the clean slate and at different stages after their m/c(s)... some are waiting for the 1st af after the m/c, some are in the ttc and 2ww mode, and some of us are finally pg again...and at different stages in the pg. You are more than welcome to join in!!! Good luck! Oh, and lots of gals that know alot of info over no question would be missed!



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