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lisa z - June 9

Hi everyone. I am new here. I posted something else somewhere on this site ( I got a little lost!) so if this is a duplicate I apologize. I have to learn the lingo....it takes me awhile to read these posts. Anyway, I had 2 mc's- Feb 2005, Feb 2006 (had the same due date for both preg's, mc's almost the same date) due to MTHFR, so I was reading posts here. We have been trying, but I think I may be getting af (Period, right?) and I'm bummin'. I usually go to the Hygeia board, but that moves very slow and I need some girl power ASAP, so thanks..........


jessie - June 10

Hi Liza, I'm sorry for your losses.. It is so normal to feel bummed out. If you came here for some girl power, you are definately in the right place! For the abbreviations, you can go to http://www.tryingtoconceive.com/ and click on abbreviations to see what everything means - AF is short for Aunt Flow, you are right, it is for your period. Sorry to hear you are bummed out and hope you are feeling better! You can post on any thread here, there are so many. I had a m/c in Feb 2006 also, am currently ttc again (ttc = trying to conceive), just got my period so I guess I am bummed too... I will cross my fingers that your AF stays far far away! xx Jessie


ksorbin - June 10

Hi Lisa...I too had a miscarriage...I was 18wks along. I delivered a baby boy on 4/27/06. They did the whole workup on me and found that I have MTHFR homozygous mutation. We are also currently trying to conceive (ttc) again. I am taking 4mg of folic acid due to the MTHFR mutation....are you??? You should...no harm in it. The average prenatal vitamin (PNV) has only 800mcg...we need 5times that. I am on CD 18 and according to OPKs (ovulation predictor kits), have not ovulated. I am frustrated. I am getting a progesterone level on Tuesday which will tell me if I did ovulate. I am waiting for af on 6/22. We will see. I hear ya about needing girl power. The thread I have been posting on has not had someone post for 2 days. Not enough support. Good luck...and Baby dust to both of us! -Kortnee


DownbutnotOUT - June 10

Hi Lisa z, I am sorry to hear about ur loses T_T. I just had a m/c a few weeks ago and still reeling from it and I understand what u mean by girl power. Even though I am heartbroken from this lose I am still ttc because I know it will happen and this will be my little miracle baby! Hopefully you are pregnant or soon will be, I will keep my fingers cross for you. Take Care XoX


lisa z - June 12

thanks guys. i did get af but i felt better readiing your posts, so :) for that


lisa z - June 12

kortnee- my Dr. actually has me taking folinic acid 2x a day ( a different form of the folic acid) plus B-complex twice a day and the pnv once a day. someone else told me to take one baby aspirin a day for the thrombophilia, so I did a lot of research and have started taking that too.....



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