Hi Its Kara I Started Spotting Wednesday

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Kara - July 29

Sorry but for some reason I cannot post the the "ttc after 2nd m/c" posting. But I have been so stressed and upset these last few days. I started spotting wednesday on top of the cramps I have been having for the last two weeks. Not lots of it but brown tinted c/m every couple of hours. I have been trying to stay off of my feet. I go for an u/s this coming wednesday. Doc said that she wanted to wait until she was sure I was far enough along to see the heartbeat so not to cause me anymore stress than I am already under. I still feel nauseated, but I suppose that could be attibuted to stress as well. I hope my baby can hold on... I hope all of you are doing well...


Ashley - July 29

Kara, I am so sorry to hear about that. Are you doing ok, well as good as you can? Have they checked your HCG levels at all? Good luck. I hope that you have a good outcome. Let me know what happens. I will pray for you.


Kara - July 29

Thanks Ashley. I still feel pregnant, I guess. We stopped checking the hcg since it was rising so well, and since the progesterone was at a respectable level the dr said that we had all the marks of a healthy sucessful pregnancy. When I called the Doc about the spotting she asked if there was any change in intensity of the cramps I had been having, which there had not. They are the same very low cramps, like almost external cramps. She said not to lose hope just yet. This could all just be normal uterine growth symptoms. I she is right.


Kara - July 29

I meant I hope she is right...


Ashley - July 30

It is possible. I hope it is. It is normal to have cramps from your uterus growing and minimal spotting is ok. Are you still seeing the same doc? If so I hope her office is more understanding than they were being with you. Keep me updated. I would say don't lose hope, it is possible. Good luck and baby dust. :0)


Kara - August 1

Well its Monday and I am still spotting. It did get more liquidy (sp?) on Saturday. I almost fainted in the bathroom when I saw it. I thought for sure I would be bleeding heavily before I got home. But it went back to being c/m when I got off of my feet that evening. Same thing happened Sunday and today. I suppose the good news is that it has not turned red or got heavier. I am anticipating that Dr will put me on bed rest for a few weeks if the pregnancy is still viable at Wednesday's u/s. I am trying to stay as relaxed as I can since I know those pesky stress hormones are bad for the baby. But it is almost impossible when I get that feeling of "moistness" my heart just sinks I get dizzy and the room spins. I hope all of you are well and coping with trying to bring a child into this world better than I am!


Ashley - August 2

Hi Kara, It sounds like things could probably be ok still. Especially since you haven't had major cramping and it is not red. It could be stress. It is not easy at the begining especailly after a m/c. keep me updated. Good luck on Wednesday.What time zone are you in? and what time is your appointment on Wednesday?


Amy - August 2

Kara I just went through what you are going through. I had spotting then heavy bleeding then it stopped my HCG levels were still rising but no heart beat. I was scheduled for U/S this coming thursday, but the baby did not make it I miscarried this morning. I wish you the best of luck to you and your little one. Try not to think about it I had to go a week knowing that my baby was trying to hang on, and the stress killed me. My advice would be try and rest and put your trust in God.


Kara - August 2

Update - I woke up today (Tuesday) to lots of blood and cramping. I paged the dr and they got me in. My dr did a pelvic exam and said that I was not actively bleeding (just residual) and my cervix was closed. The u/s showed a heartbeat, but it was a little slow and the embryo was a little low in the uterus. She said its not a perfect senerio, but not to give up hope just yet. She said there is a slight chance there has been two embryos and I had lossed one of them. Or it could just be unexplained bleeding. She has put me off of work until mondays appt and will probably put me off even longer then. Also I am to keep my bladder as full as possible at all times to keep compression on my uterus and stay laying down as much as possible. I hope my little baby can hold on.


Ashley - August 2

Well at least you know that there is a baby there and you can focus on keeping it. Good luck. I will continue to pray for you. Try to do things to keep your mind off the bad senerios as much as you can :0) I hope that every thing works out well for you. I would be glad to hear from you to know how things turn out for you either way.If you want my email let me know.


Kara - August 2

I just past tissue. My baby had a heart beat at noon and at five he is in a cup waiting to go to the pathologist. Tomorrow would have been my first baby's due date. I don't know if I can do this again.


Ashley - August 2

Kara, I am soo sorry. I don't have any thing that I could say that would help very much. I hope you are doing ok. Give yourself time and then make decisions later. Good luck. :0)


Dak - August 3

Kara, I am sorry for what you are going through. Remember all this is not your fault. Stay positive for your body to heal completely. I unnderstand how you feel. I am very sorry. I am wishing you a quick recovery.


Kara - August 3

Thanks Ashely and Dak. This is going to be a really rough week.


Amy - August 3

Kara, I am so sorry to hear about that. I lost my baby monday and today I am feeling a little better. I hope that soon you will be feeling better too. This is very hard to over come, But you have alot of support from all of us on this site. One thing I did to help pa__s the time is I pampered myself and I continued to talk to friends and family. It seems the more I talk about it the more it helped. Hang in there.


Q - August 3

Kara, I am very sorry for your loss. I hope you are doing ok. I understand what you are going through.


Kara - August 3

Thanks to all for your kind responses. My doc finally found a lab to take my embryo. So it was taken by courier to a medical university a couple of hours away. I don't know what I am hoping for out of the test. If it is chromosonal problems, that could mean expesive IVF with genetic screening of embryos prior to placement. If it is negative then I have a long road of test that could in with experimental treaments for killer cells. Doc said she is refering me to an RE when I go for mondays follow-up appointment. The more I read the less hopeful I feel about the possiblity of a full term pregnancy. I never experienced depression with my other two losses, just incredible grief and guilt. This time is different. I have hardly cried. Or for that matter, I haven't hardly eaten, slept, or left the couch. I think this might be the start of depression. But it is only one day post m/c so I suppose I am ent_tled to feeling a little numb about the whole thing. Thanks you all so much for you support. You guys always get all of it. The anger, the resentment, the sadness, the betrayal by my one body, and the envy of other mommies-to-be that don't like to admit that I feel. Thanks so much



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