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stillmourning - October 17

I miscarried last year, had a blighted ovum that was removed on April 7, 2006. I miscarried again at home on February 14, 2007. Soon after, my doctor found that I have PCOS. Since my last miscarriage, things between my husband and I did not work, and I have divorced and found someone new. Because of the PCOS I'm on birth control and Metformin, and I can't get pregnant again until I actually try. (Barring some fluke of science or miracle of God.) The due date for my first was October 25 of 2006. 8 days from today would be the birthday of my baby, and it just gets harder to deal with every day. Does the pain ever go away? My boyfriend wants to have a family as much as I do, but we don't have an ideal financial situation. Since I can't get pregnant "accidentally" and I can't TRY to get pregnant until we are "ready", waiting is h__l. I just need some support, someone to talk to who understands.


stillmourning - October 18

I'm 20, myself. The age makes it seem so much more unfair, doesn't it? I feel like, at this young age I should not be having problems making a baby. Reproductive problems aren't supposed to happen until later on in life - or, that's the impression I always got. While yes, I know, I have "time" still to have babies, that does not make it any easier, and no amount of time will increase my chances of having a successful pregnancy. Doctors and hospitals are often very unreasonable people. They see so many people every day that it's like they just don't care. With a miscarriage so early in the pregnancy, you should be able to try again pretty soon. Good luck.


GimmeaBub - October 19

Hey Hun, yeah I know the doctors told by the end of next week i should be back on the band wagon and perhaps mroe fertile after this miscarriage, not that I am going to worry too much now, i just want my pregnancy symptoms to stop! I feel very sick today, got a bad headache and i wanna sleep. Have the dr's discussed with you alternative ways for you to concieve a little earlier? Baby Juice


hopeless - October 19

hi stillmourning--sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time ! i also have pcos and am on birth control. why did they put you on birth control. ????? do you think that once we get off things will "get better" ? my major problem is i do not ovulate. i am ttc for almost 3 years...and feel so hopeless at this point.


stillmourning - October 20

My Ob.Gyn put me on birth control because she said it regulates the hormone levels, that it pretty much makes everything like it's supposed to be. She said I have to stay on B/C until I'm actually ready to TRY to get pregnant, because the longer you live with PCOS untreated, the higher chance there is of becoming completely infertile. I have been on the B/C and metformin since April, and have not had any problems. Now though, I am right in the middle of a pack, and having all kinds of pregnancy symptoms - nausea, fatigue, really sore nipples, crying for absolutely no discernible reason. It's highly improbable that I'm actually pregnant, but I took a test anyway and it was negative. I have no idea what is going on, and it is just making me really upset.


dukele - October 23

Hi stillmourning, I had a miscarriage at 9 wks back in Jan of this year. I have PCOS and I am currently 20 weeks pregnant. I am also 27 yrs. It is not true that the longer you live with PCOS the worse the fertility gets. Upon treatment and a controlled diet your hormone levels will return to normal. What she probably meant was that in combination with PCOS and TTC difficulties, as you age that will also play a role compounding a decreased level of fertility. A few things that you should know though, about maintaining a pregnancy with PCOS is progesterone supplementation. Many times women with PCOS don't make enough progesterone to sustain a pregnancy causing early miscarriage. You can simply be put on a supplement or have your levels monitered. Metformin is also something that has helped many women aviod a miscarriage due to hormone imbalance. This affects the regimentation of your insulin, if you have problems in that area-as is common with PCOS. Second, you probably don't ovulate regularly or don't ovulate without stimulation, so you might have to take something to induce ovulation. The good news is that you were diagnosed early, as was I, meaning your gyn should allow you a pa__s when it comes to seeing a fertility specialist, not make you wait the year of ttc. When my husband and I were TTC, I found the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" extremely helpful. WIth it you can chart your cycle, identify your peak fertile days, and identify the months in which you do and do not ovulate. This you can take to your fertility specialist to design a regimen that will suit you and get you pregnant faster. The same month I got that book, I became pregnant. It just helped me to identify the days that I needed to, ya know, and it just so happened that I ovulated that month. Even if you don't ovulate this book will help you to really get to know your cycle and many other problems with your fertility--before they creep up on you. I would highly recommend it. I wasn't aware that I had a luteul phase defect which had caused a few miscarriages I wasn't even aware of. Good luck.


stillmourning - October 23

My doctor thinks I had another chemical pregnancy, but not for sure. I never had issues with irregular cycles or anything until after my first miscarriage. I do take metformin. I had heard that it is good in the beginning stages of pregnancy, but that if you take high doses later on it can cause early labor. Do you know if that's true?? I don't trust my Ob.Gyn a whole lot, I will be finding another one when I get ready to start TTC. On another note, my boyfriend and I are planning a wedding for November of next year, and we plan on starting TTC a few months before hand (probably around May or June). Just so we can try to have an extra good announcement to make at the wedding, ya know? =D Having some kind of time plan makes me feel so much better. I'll be getting a tattoo soon in remembrance of my lost babies, too.


kdella2 - November 2

Hi ladies Can someone please tell me what PCOS is? I miscarried in March and have been trying ever since (6 months to date). When i got preganat the first time it happened so fast-only 2 months. My fear is that I am getting pregnant, it never showing up and then miscarrying. Does anyone know about multiple miscarriages? This month especially I started to bleed on Thurs when I am not due for AF until tomorrow (Sat). The pains do not feel like period cramps, they are not excrusciating, but extrememely uncomfortable. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am waiting for a call back from my doctor. Thanks!



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