Holding Your Breath During Ultrasound

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abi_77 - October 23

I went for my ultrasound today and the tech refused to show me anything. She showed me the pictures she took after the procedure and gave no explanation. I am suppose to be 11 weeks. Several times during the procedure she asked me to hold my breath and release. What is she trying to assess? I would appreciate any answers on this question? I am really nervous. ?


Whisper - October 23

When I had my first u/s done the only time I was asked to do the whole "hold your breath, exhale, deep breath, hold it in, repeat" thing was when the tech was zooming in to get a bpm count for the heartbeat, and then to hear it via the u/s machine. I would think if there was a problem someone would have told you something was up. I'm sure everything is fine. GL & KUP


Tory1980 - October 23

I would be asking why you weren't shown anything. We are always shown everything but after the tech has done her measurements etc. Half the reason for those scans is to show mum and calm her as she has 'seen' for herself all is well. I have never had to hold my breath for any of my u/s but then they don't count the heartbeat here(N.I) they just check the heart is beating in early scans and then the chambers and flow in later ones. Would she give you no answers to these questions or haven't you asked? Did she give you a EDD or tell you how baby was measuring? Personally with the lack of answers I would be making an appointment to see your Doctor and wouldn;t leave until all my questions had been answered to my satisfaction. This is your baby and you have a right to answers and information on your little one growing.


abi_77 - October 23

Whisper, that makes me feel better. Thank you for your reply. Tory: I asked her if she could show me the baby. She said not now while doing the abdominal ultrasound. When I asked her again during the v____al testing, she said she is not allowed to say anything. I told her that during my previous U/S the tech showed me the baby and the heartbeat and even gave me a picture. For that she replied I don't tell any of my patients and proceeded to flip through the pictures she had taken during the ultrasound after the testing. I asked her if she could at least tell me if the heart was beating. She said no. I came home and cried. My doctor is not in her office today. I am hoping to get some answers tomorrow.


ROBYN - October 23

ABI - how awful that you were treated that way. I have never had to hold my breaths during any u/s but regardless the tech seems like an insensitive jerk. But what i also believe if there was something wrong they would have brought the info to the doctor and had them review the results before you left the office and then told you then. I wish you luck and am sorry you had such a bad experience.


julie2007 - October 23

abi - that is awful. i am sorry you got such an insensitive tech. i'd be sure to mention it to your doc. while i do know that tech's are NOT allowed to give ANY medical info (i have had 2 m/c's this year ) on the patient or the baby - they can show you the screen, and give a photo. i was told to hold my breath this last mc - and when i asked why - i was told to make it easier to find a HB for the baby. i hope you are on the phone 1st thing with your OB tomorrow and get the news you are hoping for. - so sorry for your experience.


cynnababy - October 23

OK, i do not like your ultrasound tech. I had about 5-6 u/s so far, and none of them asked me to hold my breath while they were doing it. And all of them let me look at the monitor while they do it. They are all very nice and let me see the baby's movement, measurements and the heartrate monitor. also, i got picture everytime I went in for an u/s. I hope you get to see your doctor soon to get some answers.


stillmourning - October 23

That is just weird and wrong. The first time I was pregnant, the ultrasound tech told me everything - even though everything was bad.


Tory1980 - October 23

Dear God is all I can say. I can't believe she acted that way and not to tell you whether the babies heart is beating or not is just plain cruel. I would be putting a complaint in against her. As for not telling you anything when I had my miscarriage in January the tech showed me the heart not beating, told me she was sorry and that I would have to speak tot he doctor and I got a picture. She sounds like a cruel insensitve cow and I would have been livid. How hard is it to say baby looks fine but to make an appointment to talk over the results. By not doing that is going to cause worry and undue stress. I am so annoyed for you!


Tory1980 - October 23

Can I ask why you were getting a v____al exam? We don't have them over here but I know the States/Canada are quite big on getting them done. At 11 weeks you shouldn't have needed one as baby is big enough to see everythnig you need to see. Sorry, just curious. Still annoyed at the mean b___h!


abi_77 - October 24

Thanks for all your replies. I don't think I will go to that location ever again. Tory: Vaginal exam is done at every ultrasound during the first trimester in the US (I think). I called my doctor and all she said was it doesn't look good. She wants to see me tomorrow morning. I will keep you all updated.


Tory1980 - October 24

Abi, fingers crossed for you sweetheart that all is well. Will check in later and hope to find good news!


BriannasMummy - October 24

Abi: Im so sorry that you were treated that way. That u/s tech was a b**ch and she has no reason to treat you like that. Youre only human and she should have treated you as such. Ive never had to hold my breath, not saying that isnt protocol during some u/s the earliest ive ever had an u/s is 13weeks, so that might have something to do with that. I hope everything turns out okay! My thoughts and prayers are with you. ~Kristin~


Stephanie_31 - October 24

I am really sorry that you have to go through this. Know how hard it is but I honestly don't think it is the techs fault that she acted that way. When I lost my baby at 12 weeks the tech I had did the exact thing that you are describing. She would not show me the screen and would not tell me if there was a h/b. I didn't have to hold my breath but half way through she wanted me to empty my bladder. She also wouldn't make eye contact with me and acted really distant. If the doctor has told you that it doesn't look good it is probably because the tech has told her the findings but has not received the final report which can take a few hours. My doctor told me the same thing. I had to wait until the next day to get the confirmation.



abi sorry to hear what is happening but the same thing happen to me as stephaine has said my tech will not let me see the monitor either and said she could not give me any info and then my doc confirmed their was no h/b i pray that this the same thimg with you good luck


abi_77 - October 24

Stephanie and Maribel, I am sorry for your loss. I got the bad news today. My baby died at 9.5 weeks. After two normal, I mean absolutely no problem ultrasounds. My baby dies at 9.5 weeks. Mother knows best. I knew something was wrong. My husband kept saying everything will be OK. But I was not able to shake the bad feeling off of me. I have scheduled my D/C for tomorrow. This is my third loss. I hope to have a baby someday. Thank you all for your support.


Clauds - October 24

O abi_77 I am so so so sorry to hear your news. I'll be praying for you tomorrow. The best advice I can give you is to cry when you need to and just let it all out. Also I know it will be hard but try not to be too discouraged to try again. I hope they run all the tests they can to find out what happened to your baby and to prevent it for your next pregnancy. Let us know how your doing when you feel ready.



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