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Jaquelyn - November 12

Just thought I would share my story, it proves that all is possible!!! i had 2 miscarriages a around 8 weeks and then I had one at 18 weeks. When I found out I was pregnant again it was hard to be excited. At 7 weeks we heard the heart beat, and at 8 weeks I started bleeding heavily I knew it was then end like with my first two, I went to the doctors after 2 days and thought he would do a D&C . He did an ultrasound and still saw the heart beat!! he put me on bed rest for 2 weeks and eventually the bleeding stopped. All went well and at 20 weeks I went for An ultrasound to find out the s_x and befor I he could even tell me the doctor said I was in spontaneous labor! we all panicked and I knew the baby had no chance to survive!! They were able to stop the labor and put me on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy. Despte the bed rest I went into labor 6 weeks later and my water had broke so they couldn't stop it again, I delivered my 1 and a half pound baby girl "Leilani" she was in the nicu for 5 months. And I finally brought her home last week! meanwhile during those 5 months I managed to get pregnant and am now alsmot 8 weeks and everything looks fine!!! good luck to all of you, it will happen!!


Amy - November 12

Wow thats GREAT i'm happy for you and good luck


Dana - November 12

Wow - that's an amazing story - I'm so happy that everything worked out so well for you - congratulations on your second pg - sometimes it's hard to stay positive about these situations, but stories like yours make it possible!!


Q - November 14

Jacquelyn - you are an inspiration :) Thank you for sharing. I need happy stories like this to keep my hopes up! I'm so happy for you. You've been through so much. I wish you the best ****


Annie - November 14

Wow thats great but my goodness not a big age gap between them! :o) You'll have your hand full with a newborn and a 1 year old! It's wonderful your little girl did so well though I am so glad it has all worked out for thank you for sharing! x


Tanya - November 14

Jaquelyn, thank you for sharing your story. What an inspiration you are! I lost my third pregnancy at 17 weeks in Aug. It's been very difficult for me, but I'm so thankful that my first 2 pregnancies were healthy - they are 13 months apart. They are like best friends! I wish you the best and congratulations on the precious baby brother or sister that will meet Leilani soon!


Kim - November 14

Jaquelyn, how wonderful! I am so thrilled for you and your babies, and hope that all will continue to be blessed in this pregnancy and with your daughter! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story.



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