Hoping To Get A BFP For Valentine S Day

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Patreasa_Mullen - January 30

I think maybe I ovulated this past weekend, due to the fertile cm and positive OPKs, so I'm hoping to test AND get a BFP on Valentine's Day. Anyone else hoping to test on Valentine's Day?


gemini_star1983 - January 30

i was going to test around then...but i think i might leave it until the 21st!!! to scared to be disappointed! GOOD LUCK and lashings of baby dust to you! i so hope you get a BFP!!!! how long after mc did you start ttc? take care bye


Gini - January 30

I would love to get a positive for valentines day! That would make my day and my husband. Albeit he seems to have moved on and started planning things as if there won't be baby this year!! Wouldn't it be great to be having a romantic meal and to be able to break the news to them!! Oh well I suppose we can dream.


gemini_star1983/Marie - January 30

oohhh its all very exciting! i really really hope you get a BFP very soon. are you tempted to take one sooner?


Gini - January 30

I took one yesterday and waited the recommended minute and it was negative but then 5 minutes later it was positive. I still haven't had a complete negative yet but at least I know the levels are going down. Well I think they are. If the test shows positive 5 mins later is it still a positive? It was a really faint line all the other times the line has been more definate. I think I'm gonna wait til 13th thats just over 2 weeks from now so I'l either have af or not and if not a + test. You must be getting excited especially with all your symptoms? I've only been getting slightly ache b___bs but that could be because af is on it's way.


gemini_star1983/Marie - January 30

im frightened and a bit scared. i mean could i be imagining the symptoms are there? sounds stupid doesnt it? lol. i hope these 2 weeks fly by!


Gini - January 30

Patreasa, good luck with your test and you must let us know how you get on. It's nice to look forward to other peoples results and hope they are positive test. Really really hope you get a big +!


Patreasa - January 30

Well, we decided to TTC as soon as the bleeding stopped when i lost my daughter, so about 2 weeks after it happened. It's been a month since I lost her, so I'm hoping everything is back to normal now. I hope everyone gets their BFP for a great Valentine's day gift:)


AshleyB - January 30

Good Luck Patreasa!! I hope we all get bfp's for VAlentines day. I'm very nervous too. I'm afraid that I'm having all these symptoms for no reason and then I'll be bumming. At first I was fine, now I"m really starting to think I might be pg again and scared I'm not --but then again, i'm scared if I am. Ahhhh! so many emotions. :)


frankschick2001 - January 30

I am due for a period on Feb 16th or 17th so testing on Valentines day might be a little bit too early for me. But we are trying this month. I am usually a late ovulator. The last two times, I ovulated on between days 18-20. So this week we will be busy trying again. Good luck to all of you.


Susan W - January 30

Good luck ladies!! Can't wait to hear the happy news :)


Can - January 30

I will probably be able to test around the weekend before Valentines Day...Can I wait with you guys? I'm really praying for a BFP; it would make Valentines Day so special. It just seems so far away right now. Blessings and hope to everyone!


Patreasa_Mullen - January 30

Hi ladies. Hi Can...sure you can wait with us. as much as we've all been through, we all need to stick together and give each other hope. I was feeling a bit down earlier, thinking of my baby girl. She's an angel now, and I almost gave up on having another baby, but then I found the strength to look forward and hope that it will happen again. I just get scared at times. As much as i want to have another baby, I know it won't take the pain of losing my daughter away. it will just fill the void though. anyone else feeling this way at times?


Steff - January 30

Valentine's Day last year was my BFP day. Good luck to you Patreasa!


Dak - January 31

Hello ladies I just want to join the thread, I am not hoping for bfp on VD but I was ttc this month (jan) after a suggery on blocked tubes mid November 2005. I have not yet started period. Still waiting. I wish you all the best so that February should be month of many bfps. STICKY BABY DUST TO EVERYONE>


Patreasa_Mullen - January 31

Hi Dak. Glad to have you here. I'm hoping to get a BFP soon, but i am going to wait to test until VD, because AF should be due then. I hope you get your BFP soon.


Dak - January 31

Thanks Patreasa You are in my thoughts and prayers so that you also get a BIG FAT POSITIVE. Just have faith that af will go on holiday. Keep us posted.



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