Hormone Imbalance After Miscarriage

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llisab - August 23

I thought I would open a new thread for anyone experiencing a hormone imbalance after their miscarriage. I have found that my periods have become closer together, while they have also become alot heavier since my miscarriage and d&c. My doctor has suggested to have me take bcp's (Alesse) to see if that will help my heavy periods. I invite anyone else who is having this problem, or similar ones to chat here, and maybe we can help each other out, or at the very least lend some support. I am planning on starting my bcp's this sunday, as soon as this lousy af finishes. Wish me luck. Lisa


hcw - August 23

hi lisab - i'm sorry for your loss and that it keeps reminding you of itself through these longer periods and stuff. i found after my m/c in march, and after bleeding for like 3weeks, that my periods went right back to normal until july, when suddenly i was 5 days (and not because i was ttc)... then this month it came right on time, but i'm pretty sure i didn't O... anyway, i'm nervous to take any prescriptions or hormones for these types of things but what are bcp's and what do they do? i've just starting taking Vitex, which is a herb that apparently works wonders to balance the female hormones...i started a thread to see if any one here knows much about it, but i guess folks don't since only one person responded... so i'd like to hear about bcp's and i sure hope a remedy is on the horizon for both of us - a pg would be a nice way to not have to worry about a/f, wouldn't it? cheers and best to you...


kristie h - August 23

Hiii, you did it!! I just posted in the other thread about the side effects i had on the bcp. Hcw, the bcp will reset you system and make everthing go back to the way it should be. I have to go on the bcp as i had a loss in feb this and i have been ttc ever since the loss. I had a ultrasound done a few weeks ago and it showed up the my uterine lining is only <2mm. I have no chance of becoming pregnant while its that thin as the egg will not beable to implant. The bcp replaces your female hormones for you and when you go off the bcp your hormones will be back to normal and in most cases you will ovulate like normal. Alost of people have to go on it only for a few months for hormone reasons. My doctor and gyno said that if i went on the bcp i would have more chance of carrying full term and my gyno said it can even make you become faster it depends on the person. Hope i answerd you question.


llisab - August 24

Hi Hcw, bcp's are birth contol pills. I am not too keen on taking any hormones either, but right now, I'm in the middle of my second period since my miscarriage, and I've been soaking about a pad an hour for the past 3 days...I hope its done soon, its really dragging me down, and your'e right, it is reminding me of my m/c. I ended up having my d&c because I was hemmoraging. My doctor thinks that if I take Alesse, I will get lighter periods, and they wont last as long. Let's hope it works...


llisab - August 24

By the way, can you tell me more about Vitex???


kristie h - August 24

Hi Lisa, I lso have one son that is nealy two years old. I feel sorry for you son, being so young and sufferring from migraines awww. With my 1st af after the loss this year i had af for 9 days then my next af lasted 13 days when i decided to go and see my doctor. I have herd that accupunchure helps with cycles and from what i have read on here you only have to go about 2 times a month. I have no idea how much it cost though. Another thing i have read on the net is chineese medicine helps, you know all the herbs and that. ASbout the vitex hcw, have a look on the net, it may tell you alot. Where are you gilrs from? Im in Queensland, Australia.


llisab - August 24

Hi kristie, I'm just in the suburbs of Toronto in Canada...when your periods lasted that long - were they really heavy too? oh my god, my first was only 7 days thank god, and this one has been 4 so far, but its been hellish. I do daycare, and I just got some new kids this monday, which happened to coincide with my first day of my period, and its been hard to do alot of stuff with them, because I really have to just stay in one spot, or I'm creating a mess everywhere!!! I think its really neat, that even though we're so far away, that we can get together here, and support each other. This site has helped me through alot these past few months.


kristie h - August 24

HI lisa, yes they were heavy and clotty. When i decided to go to the doctor she put me on progestrone pills that cleans you system out by giving you a withdrawl bleed. You take them for 10 days three times aday, then about 4 days after you finish the packet, af arrives. When you start the pills they stop the bleeding and when you do get the withdrawl bleed it should be like your normal cycle flow and duration. My af after those pills was my normal 5 day flow but now i always spot between af but when i do get af its still my normal 5 days flow so they did help in that way. How far along were you when you had your loss? I have a site of my son if you would like to have a look? blairdavid12005.piczo.com If you do have a look type the address in the address bar not you home page serch engine, if you know what i mean? This site is great, i love it. I just wish for all of us girls that eveything went back to normal after our loss.


llisab - August 24

Kristie, Blair is soooooo cute! He looks like he's always smiling - sometimes with a little devlish grin - eh? I love the pictures in the hot tub, and the one with the bears in the bucket. Oh, I love babies so much, and I was so looking forward to having another one...It just makes me so sad...but, as I said - i'm lucky that I have 3 healthy and happy kids already. I was at 9 weeks along when I lost this baby. When I went for my ultrasound, there was no heartbeat, and they said that the sac had stopped growing at 6.5 wks.


hcw - August 24

hi kristie and lisab! i'm orgininally from Toronto too, Lisa! I'm actually about to move back there from the US, where i've been for a number of years. Anyway, thanks for telling me what bcp are - duh! It's been so long since i took them, it didn't even cross my mind that's what that meant lol! i'm eager to ttc so i don't think i want to go there. but i'm pretty hopeful about this Vitex stuff. i actually wish now that i'd heard about it right after my m/c, it's well reseached and what it does it works on the pituitary gland - which cues most hormones - helping to balance progesterone and estrogen. apparently, because it's not a hormone itself, it only helps what needs helping and leaves everything else alone. it's been used for centuries for mentrual irregularies, pms, and now it's been identified as excellent for general fertility as well... so fingers crossed... hope a/f eases off soon lisab, it' really sounds awful... kristine, i took the progesterone when i before my m/c and i just hated it - do you find it affects you a lot or is it mostly neutral for you? will you both be ttc soon? okay, gotta run but good luck to all of us, ladies! cheers!


kristie h - August 24

Lisa, even though you have three kids and yes we have been blessed, but it doesnt make it any easier does it? I have people say to me, well atleast you already have one, and that realy hurts, just cause we have kids doesnt mean it doesnt hurt as much they just keep your mind off it. How did you kids handle your loss? My 1st loss was a molar pregnany and that was very scary as the placenter was so deformed it could turn into cancer. It is a pregnancy that is ver rare and only 1 ind 1500 ladies get it. I have had people say well why are you up set for it realy wasnt a baby. Anyway we have to be strong and we will get what we wish for!!


llisab - August 24

Hcw - what city are you moving to, and when? What is prompting you to move back?? I hope you don't think I'm too nosy. I'm actually in Brampton now, but I'm originally from Etobicoke. I hope that the Vitex stuff works for you. Have you taken it yet? Are you finding you have any side effects from it? Kristie - Your'e right, it doesn't make it any easier that I already have children. It still hurts like hell. I actually had a hard time of it because my miscarriage lasted 10 weeks. I bled for that long before I had my d&c. My life was totally suspended during that time. I just feel like I'm starting to get over it now, and I miscarried April 23rd of this year. I can't believe that people could be so insensitive to you to say that they didn't understand why you were upset. For the time you were pregnant, you and your family were all looking forward to having your baby, and that is the loss that you are feeling. They are not sure if my pregnancy was a blighted ovum, or if I had a baby whose heart stopped beating , because at my first ultrasound, there was no heartbeat. But in either case, it certainly does not make it any easier. We all do have to be strong, and good things will come... Big hugs... Lisa


kristie h - August 24

Hi, hcw i am waiting for af so i can start the pill then i will be on that for three months and if the pill helps my uterine lining then i will be ttc by the end of november. Before i found out what was wrong with me i had to stop coming on here as ttc started to rule my life. In away going on the pill will help me forget about ttc and when we do get the ok i will just let it happen. That vitex sound like somthing they would use in chinees medicine? I have thought about going down that path but as i dont know much about i am a bit scared to try it. The progestrone pills i was on gave me no side effects at all so i would say its the combind pill that i have trouble with. Lisa all i can say is people that have children then go on to have a miscarriage are very misunderstod, i am glade that i have someone that can relate. Hcw make sure you tell us about the vitex, where do you get it from?


hcw - August 25

hi ladies - lisab, i'm moving back to toronto, downtown around the u of t area, just because although i love nyc, it's time for a change and i miss my great hometown! taking the hubby to see if we might want to put our roots down there... i'm sorry you were having that wicked bleeding while trying to work with kids! gosh, that's so tough because it's really hard not to be super active when in the company of little ones... but i sure know what you mean about having to keep pretty still - i won't tell you about my terrible day on the subway right after my mc... suffice it to say i know what you're saying. kristie - the vitex is just a herbal thing they've been using in europe for centuries and it's inexpensive and widely available in health food stores. they say it takes a while to work - like a month or so - but honestly i already feel it might be helping me: i just finished a/f and i had zero cramping or sore b___bs or any of that stuff i usually get... maybe it's just a fluke, but who knows! anyway i'm eager to ttc this month and just have a good feeling this is going to be my month! if it is, i'll thank vitex in part for sure... okay, gotta run, hope you both have a smashing weekend! cheers!


llisab - August 26

Hi Ladies, just checking in...hope everything is going well with you.Hope you are having a great weekend... Today is day 6 of my a/f, but it seems to be winding down now...thank goodness...HCW - Toronto is a great city - good luck in your move. May I ask how long you have been taking the Vitex? Have you found any side effects from it? KRISTIE H - how is everything going with you? I hope that your a/f comes soon, so you can start the bcps, and you can get yourself on your way to ttc.


kristie h - August 27

Hi ladies, Hope you are all doing well? Well af should be due on wednesday if i have a nomal 30 days cycle, if it's another 43 days cycle ill be due around 11 of sep. Hcw, chinees medicane woks the same. It works on the orgen that is causeing hormaonal imbalance instead of the hormonal imbalance being replaced by hormones like the western medicanse do. I am glade that the vitex is working for you, i have thought about going that way but i am a bit iffy as i havent herd of many people do that sort of therapy and i am affraid that it wont work. Lisa how are you? How are you? How are your kids? Hcw, do you have and kids? It is warming up here, you can feel that summer is coming which is great as i love summer. I have laybuys on for blair for xmas already and his birthday is on th 15th of jan so i am going to be busy this summer. Whats the weather like where you guys are? Take care..... Kristie.


llisab - August 28

Hi Kristie H, I"m doing ok. My a/f lasted 7 days, and I'm finally over it- yeah!!!! I took my first pill last night before I went to bed, and i feel good so far...I'm glad I started them, I'd built it up so much in my mind that I was scared to try them, but I don't want another period like the last one. Hope your'e doing well too - any pms symptoms - theyre the worst eh? My kids are great!! Were just getting ready to go back to school - Emmett is going into gr8, Dennis into gr7, and Hannah into gr3. They grow up too fast - enjoy every minute of Blair's babyhood, because it wont' last long. It feels like yesterday that I was taking Emmett home from the hospital!!!!! Our summer is just winding down here - we had some really hot humid days in July, but now its starting to get a little cooler - 24c during the day 15c at night. We went camping two weeks ago, and it went down to 4c at night. I slept in my winter coat and mitts inside my sleeping bag!!!! My family loves the outdoors - we camp and we have a 16 foot runabout boat - Emmett waterskiis and the other two like to be pulled behind the boat on an innertube. It's pretty neat. How is the weather with you? How many warm months do you get? HCW - how are you doing? I went to NYC once 2 years ago for a couple of days, and it was so amazing...you are lucky that you have been able to enjoy living there for a little while as well. Of course Toronto is a great city too...That's great that you are ttc this month - baby dust to you...Lisa



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