Hormone Imbalance After Miscarriage

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millerstac0878 - June 29

Hi ladies, I haven't written in a long time because I've been going through a really bad time. I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar arfter their miscarriage. I miscarried in early March 2006. At the end of April 2006, I went on vacation with my family while my husband stayed home. While away, I experienced a sever panic attack, to the extent that I came hom from the trip early, to go to the emergency room. I had been dehydrated do to the severe diahrrea I was having (sorry TMI). Upon returning home I did not feel better, I continued to be severally anxious, thinking I'd need to be hospitalized in a mental hospital! I was so scared, I couldn't eat and lost 12 pounds, and would just lay around shaking all the time. I started seeing a psychiatrist, who has diagnosed me with a generalized anxiety disorder and depression, which could be similar to a post partdum depression! I never heard of this, has anyone else? I've been trying anti-depressents, the first of which had the adverse reaction for me, I'm on the second one now. I'm really upset though because its safe to concieve while taking these medications!!! And the Dr. says I will need to be on them for 6-9 months, I'm so devastated! Also since my miscarriage I've noticed the following, fairly bad acne all over my body which I did not have before, and alot stronger PMS symptoms, also not present before. Did anyone have a horomone imbalance after having a miscarriage? THanks :) Stacie


millerstac0878 - June 29

Sorry I meant its not safe to concieve while on anti-depressents!


kristie h - July 2

Hi, I have had what you had and i still do but i now controll it. I had a miscarriage last year and i would have anxiety attacks to the point where i am cleaning my house 24/7, i would never eat, i could not sleep and i was alway anxiuse to the point where i had one major out burst with DH and the cops had to come. After that incendent i went to the doctor and she said i have a anxiety disorder and put me on medication that was ok if i did fall pregnant while taking them. I have to be on them for a few years and then see how it goes. I have had very bad PMS since my 2nd loss, exstreamly sore bbs before af, major mood swings, very tired and headacks, b4 the miscarriage i had none of this.


SaraH - July 3

millerstac0878, I have not had your problem, but I have heard mention that since m/c means you’re pregnant and your hormones have changed to that of a pregnant women, that it is common to get post partum depression afterwards, just like if you'd actually gone full term and had the baby. I guess if I was you I'd get my hormones checked especially since you have some other symptoms. Find and talk to a dr who is willing to check you out. Since this all came about after the m/c it sounds like something hormonal is having problems adjusting so get it checked. Also, don't know if your into natural methods or not, but homeopathy, applied kinesiology, and Bio Energetic Stress testing may help. The kinesiology and stress testing can be used to test how things are functioning in the body, and they seem to work pretty well. The homeopathy is the use of natural medicines to treat the problems. Since your body runs off of electrical currents (everything is controlled by electrical impulses in the brain that travel through your body), if something is wrong the electrical currents don't always flow right, or strong enough, or what not. So, a person trained in kinesiology and stress testing, can test reflex points in your hands and feet that correlate to things such as your thyroid and pituitary gland. Often, if these things aren't functioning right than the reflex point wont have the correct current flow and function through it. This works off of the exact same idea as acupuncture and acupressure do. I use to work for a chiropractor who specialized in natural medicine and a lot of people would come in with depression and anxiety, and the homeopathics and the stress testing would really help a lot of them to balance everything out. I’ve also had the Bio-Energetic Screening testing done after both m/c just to make sure everything was going back to “normal.” (This testing works by looking at how the acupuncture points are functioning the way I’ve always had the testing done is a pen-like instrument, which is hooked to a computer, is placed against your pressure/acupuncture point and it measures what the electrical currents flowing through it are. If the currents aren't flowing through the reflex/acupuncture points correctly, than this testing will tell you that). I also had it done once a couple years ago when I had been feeling just “not right” for a few months. I wasn’t depressed I don’t think, but I was as close to it as I’ve ever been and I was having what I think may have been mild anxiety attacks (I’d be almost asleep and all of a sudden I’d get what felt like a shot of adrenalin, my heart would beat really fast and skip around, and I’d get sweaty palms, and have this feeling of dread that something was really, really wrong with me. Anyways I had them do the bio-energetic testing (I also went to my dr, who didn’t really do anything) and my thyroid tested off a bit. So I took the homeopathic they gave me to balance it back out, and I felt “normal” again in a couple of weeks, and the anxiety attacks went away as well, so I think I had some minor hormones off b/c of my thyroid. Anyways, I don't know if your interested in any of that or not, but I thought I’d mention it as it may be able to help you. If you just want some basic info on those things here is the web site for the chiropractor I use to work for. The site gives just some very basic info on what and how these things work: www.duluthnaturalmedicine.com Hope you feel better soon and that you get everything figured out. Good luck


Lynne - July 5

Hi there: I had an emergency c section. Upon that section my hormones went crazy. I did start to have anxiety problems as well. My doctor did put me on zoloft and I only took it from September until around Feb/March, but it made a world of difference for me. However, I did lose my baby a month after the section (he was in the nicu from birth). I felt myself spiraling into depression and needed my seratonin levels balanced out. It worked, and you can take it while pregnant. Alot of other ladies who I know that have lost babies and are pregnant again are on Zoloft. I am not saying its totally safe but studies have been done and it has not shown significant problems with addicted babies who were born while the mothers are on zoloft. The benefits far outweigh the risks to the mothers health during a pregnancy. I wish you the very best. -L


kristie h - July 5

Lynne zoloft is the one i am on and my doc said that is one of the safist ones to take when ttc and during pregnancy i The othere one is lovane i was also on that when i became pregnant with my son and you can take it through out your whole pregnancy.


millerstac0878 - July 12

Ladies, thanks so much for your advice...its nice to hear that I'm not the only one out there...... KRISTIEH - you sound EXACTLY like me, prior to m/c I did not have PMS, acne, MAJOR mood swings, etc, now its like a daily occurence...and HELLO whats up with the ZITS!!! They totally are out of place with my wrinkles! So to top everything the best friend just fell prego, and guess who's have her baby shower for her!! So now I'm not only anxious, I'm down. Kinda got that feeling like....isn't there more to life then this? Whats wrong with me!!! I went to the OB, she put my back on birth control pills :( I'm so mad b/c now i'm on that plus the cymbalta and won't be able to get pg for months. I can't help but feel maybe i'm over medicated. ANyone have any experience with Cymbalta? SARA H Thanks so much for all the advise, I am willing to try everything. Been trying to find an accupuncturist actually. But haven't thought about kinesiology, I will check it out! Thank you...hope everyone is doing well :) Stacie


chandellina - July 13

hi stacie, sorry to hear about your bad times. have they tested your hormones? there are a lot of things that can get out of sync, it could be helpful to know if there really is an imbalance. maybe that isn't relevant now though since you are on bcp. well, that is supposed to help rebalance and the good news is you can get pregnant more easily in the first cycle or two after you stop them. best wishes. i'm looking into accupuncture too. my health insurance even covers it!


marranie - July 13

millerstac, i would have a complete checkout of hormones, pretty much as saraH says. Anti depressants are ok for a mental disorder but you could well be suffering from physical problem and should have a work up done on your homone levels, whole endocrine system including thyroid etc. If it is a physical hormonal imbalance then anti depressants are just covering the problem (like using an aneathetic pain killer for a broken arm... the pain goes but the root cause is not fixed... pretty useless). Hope you are feeling better soon stacie, try to complement your medications with some natural calming products, from B group vitamins to fishoil. drmercola website has some good stuff on it too.



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