Hormones Periods After Miscarriage

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Kitty - December 28

I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and got my period exactly 28 days later. I was excited that my body seemed to return to normal so quickly...but now it is two weeks after my period came and I have started bleeding again (very lightly) and am having symptoms that I usually associate with PMS -- like a lower backache and sore br___ts. I can't figure out whether this is another period (just two weeks after the last one!) or just some midcycle spotting, but I feel like my hormones are going crazy...Has anyone experienced anything like this in the months after miscarrying? I want to try to get pregnant again, but it makes me nervous to try while my hormones still seem to be out of whack...


r - December 29

I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks and after 28 days got my period too. You should be okay in trying again. I was advised to wait one cycle and then start trying. But you have to feel good about it and make sure that you are okay emotionally because the hormone changes involved in pregnancy are also sometimes hard to deal with. The hormone change for me was on and off for a while after the miscarriage, so I’d say what you are going through is normal. I did feel better after I found out I’m pregnant again :o) but until I pa__s that 10 weeks mark I’m really scared and frightened (2 more weeks to go). Anyway, with your spotting, it’s most likely a mid cycle spotting do to hormone changes in your body so just let it pa__s. Rest as much as you can, and try to ease your mind. Everything will be okay and as soon as you feel good and ready just start trying for another baby. :o)


Kitty - December 31

Thanks for the rea__surance. It's comforting to know that these weird hormonal things were part of the process for you, too. And congratulations on your new pregnancy!! I hope it all goes beautifully for you.


Margot - January 3

Hi Kitty, I hope you are feeling better. I was a little relieved to read your posting and see I am not the only one going through strange changes after miscarriage. I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks of pregnancy in October and my period exactly 4 weeks after D&C. I also was pleased my body seemed to go back to normal so quickly. Then I had another period on 15th December which was a few days late and then started another period again on 31st December, only 16 days after my last period. My periods have also become heavier than usual since my miscarriage and because I used to have such regular cycles and really want to become pregnant again, I am worried and depressed about how things are going. best wishes to you Margot


Kitty - January 3

Margot -- I wonder, since the "extra period" we both had came right at the middle of our cycles, whether it could have been ovulation bleeding? I've never had any ovulation bleeding before -- but, then again, a lot of things about my body seem to be different than they were before the miscarriage! Maybe it's impossible for ovulation bleeding to go on for days like that...I don't know...but it would certainly be a happy explanation if it were true. I completely understand how depressed you are feeling. I am, too...A miscarriage at 12 weeks (which is exactly when mine was, as well) is so upsetting to begin with...and then you feel like you can't even make a new start and get on with your life because your body won't cooperate...I'm really anxious to get pregnant again, too, and I had felt like one of the things that would work in my favor was the total regularity of my cycles -- only now it's beginning to seem like I am no longer so regular after all, and it's so frustrating that it makes me want to cry. On the other hand, I expect that our bodies will recover and get back to normal eventually, don't you? Since we seem to be in such similar situations, maybe we could offer each other some support as we go through all this. (You can e-mail me at [email protected] if you want, or just drop a note here every once in a while.) Kitty


Margot - January 4

Hi Kitty, Of course I would like to stay in touch! I am so pleased to have found someone going through the same thing as I am. I could not stop crying when I had my period yet again 16 days after the last one started, it made me feel so sorry for myself. Do your b___sts feel tender? mine do and I also feel a bit nauseous, however that could still be part of a hormonal imbalance. I think what you meant was implantation bleeding. They say it can last for a few days but I am not sure if it is meant to be so abundant so I am not building up my hopes. I am planing to go and see a homeopathic doctor soon . There are natural remedies out there which help your body with ovulation and just to know you are taking something that will help you get pregnant could be what puts your mind at ease and makes you worry less which will also help you get pregnant quicker so if it turns out you are not pregnant now, that is worth a try. All the best Margot


Al - January 18

I had a miscarriage. i continued bleeding for 2 weeks after and about 2 weeks later i started my period. That was normal for me. that first period i had also lasted about 10 days. Now about 30 days later im waiting for my next one. About getting pregnant again i would wait 3 cycles before trying again.


Lizette - January 21

I had a miscarriage with my 1st pregnancy at about 12 weeks. I bleed after the miscarriage for about 2 weeks straight. It has been about a month after the miscarriage and I have not had a normal period yet. I am starting to feel the same sharp lower abdomen pains like I did with the 1st one. My husband and I are emotionally ready for a second pregnancy but I am thinking I may be way over my head thinking that I may be pregnant even though I have heard stories of women getting pregnant without having a period after delivery. Do any of you ladies think I could be pregnant? Good luck to everyone through this tough journey.


Natalie - January 24

I really do not have a answer for you. About a week ago I had a miscarriage my self. I was 6 weeks along. BUt it was still very hard to deal with. I was blessed with the fact that I only bleed for 3 days and then it was all finished. I did not have to have a D and C and I am thankful for that. I was told to wait 3 months before I start trying again but I am ready now. My husband and I are not doing anything to prevent getting pregnant. What do you think. Should I try to prevent it for now? Thanks


Kelly G - January 24

Natalie, I'm somewhat in the same boat as you. I just had a miscarriage last week, I was 6 weeks along. My doctor said I could start trying again when I was "ready" and only told me to wait a week to have intercourse as to avoid infection. So, I'm waiting to try again right away, but can this be good?? I'm torn between trying right away and waiting for at least one period......


Petra - January 27

I feel so sad... I never looked at the "miscarriage"subject untill last week. I had a m/c in wk 5 but found out last week... week 8. I'm still waiting for my body to take care of it in a natural way.. but have an app in ten days. I feel sad because I too want to start again soon. But your body needs the time to heal. And I know it feels like a long long time but shouldn't it be best to wait two or three months? That's what my common sense is saying, but my heart is screaming for trying again right away..... Prayers for all of us...


jessic a - February 12

this may seem a little ignorant but i just had a miscarriage two weeks ago and already i think im pregnant because i had s_x four days after when i felt able. i want another baby and i know that wasnt the smart thing to do all in all i just want to know if the hormones from the miscarriage could still be in my body and thats why the test came back poisitive or could i really be pregnant i hafd s_x four days after and bled heavy with clotting a two days after that then i had s_x again and i stopped bleeding altogether all of a sudden i took a test and it was positive i shouldnt have done that to myself because of all the confusion. to complivcate matters more i have endometritis from the miscarriage and am taking tetracycline which is harmful to an unborn baby as far as teeth discoloration i am a mess has anyone else been where i am.? please i need advise how did you turn out?


Sharon - February 12

I was wondering the same thing. I miscarried at about 5.5. weeks, bled for a week, pa__sed everything, (I think). And then, about 2 weeks later, I had what seemed like could be fertile v____al discharge, something like I generally get when I ovulate. My basel body temps were down, too) So my partner and went to it. It's now 2 weeks later, and I'm starting to have either pregnacy symptoms (slight sore b___sts, consitpation) or PMS. This time, though, I'm a bit sick (i even threw up once, but could also be a virus). ANyway, yesterday I took HPT and it was negative...who knows. I'll take another in a few days. Anyone every get pregnant right after a miscarriage without having had a normal period again?


Petra - February 15

I found the following website to be very helpfull and informative after my miscarriage.... www.pregnancyloss.info It gas a lot of answers to the questions that you mention.


Donna - February 24

i had a miscarriage at seven weeks and havent had a period. its only been 5 wks since my miscarriage so i know i could still come on but my b___sts are very tender i was wondering if i could be pregnant again as we havent been using any contraception


christy - March 8

Hi, I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks, it seems like its been about a month in a half or 2 months. And i have bled non stop, and its starting to concern me. I mean it had lightend up at times, but as soon as it gets lighter and I think I am done it gets really heavy, and it has done that about 3 times so far. Should i go in and get this checked out? Or do some women really bleed this long?


Janet - March 9

I had a miscarriage at 6wks on Feb 16. Prior to my miscarriage I was told I was infertile b/c I suffer from uterine polyps & have had a total of 3 D&C to help me b/c of excessive bleeding. I was on the BC Pills prior to my pregnancy. My husband & I are trying to conceive again and we believe I am pregnant again. After reading your messages, I am almost convince that I got pregnant right away. Would a pregnancy test show a positive test even if I am not pregnant, b/c of the recent miscarriage and the hormones going back to normal?



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