AddysMummy - November 11

fertile are you after a miscarriage? I recently had one, a couple weeks ago, well my fiance and I BD'd and my cervix was open, we are worried that if I am pregnant so soon after a miscarriage that it will jus result in another, which would be hard seeing as this one already eats away at us both :(.


smmom2 - November 11 sorry for your far along were you??? I also had a mc little over 2 weeks ago. I was 12wks 3 days when we discovered baby had no hb. The baby died at about 12 wks. I have heard that you are most fertile after a if you dont want to be pg again right away I would be very careful. I have learned so many things on this site and it is so nice to ave support from others that know what you are feeling. My dr. told me to wait 2 cycles before ttc again...but alot of women on here say their dr's tell them it is ok to ttc again right away or after one cycle. I guess it depends on your body and your Dr opinion.


AddysMummy - November 11

I was about 5 wks 3 days when I found out I was having a miscarriage. I had slight bleeding, but I also had it with my daughter so I didn't worry much. But then he took an ultrasound, saw a sac but no baby. I took an HCG blood tests, two, on the Thursday (don't remember the date) my levels were at 8,000 then saturday they were at 4,000. :( But my doctor did say it was alright to try again after a cycle, and my body feels fine but I have no had a cycle yet, so I m worried! :(


smmom2 - November 11

I have hear din most cases it takes atleast 30 days to cycle....that is what most women on here have said happened to them. So give it a couple more weeks. If not then talk to your dr, maybe there is something they can do. I was 12 wks 3 days when i lost my baby. She died at 11 1/2 weeks. It is very hard to deal with a loss like this and it takes the innocence out of being pg ever again. You will always worry about whether or not the baby is ok. Atleast that is how I feel. So...good luck to you in ttc.


AddysMummy - November 12

Thank you, I got my period last night, so I think it's alright, except the blood reminded me of my miscarriage... so I am freaking out.



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