How Bad IS That First AF

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K - May 25

I am 11 DPO and am expecting AF for the first time since my D&C. I have been feeling some cramps, and am wondering if the first AF is a heavy/painful one. Please share your experiences. Thanks!


Tiffany - May 25

My first af after my m/c came at 2:30 in the morning and i had terrible pains in my stomach and my legs were shaking. I took some tylenol and it stopped. It is different for everybody. I hope yours will be mild but load up on pain medication!


K - May 25

Tiffany, a friend of mine said that hers was just as bad as the m/c. Not looking forward to that, if it's true. Sorry your situation was painful--I'll keep the meds on hand just in case!


Kara - May 25

Mine was bad, but not horrible. I cramped for a few days before and the first day of my period, but that was it. I did bleed more and it had more "texture" to it than my normal. My cycles didn't return to normal until three months out. Good luck.


Carrie - May 25

What I believe to be my first AF was just a spotting 6 weeks after my D &C. The OPK showed that I ovulated exactly one week later, so my cycles are not quite back to normal.


Jo - May 25

Don't worry too much. I just started mine yesterday. I had to take midol (normaly don't) but after I took the pills it was okay. I was sort of dreading it and it turned out not to be as bad as I expected. As far as amount, color, texture - no big changes. Good luck and try not to worry about it.


Steff - May 26

Mine was just as bad as the MC. Had to take tylonals to even function. it was very heavy, and lasted for a good week. It also had chunky clots it it. It looked alot like the mc only not as heavy. I hope yours is not that bad.


Jo - May 26

Hi again - I also had a d&c and a not too bad period. I'm wondering if the AF is different for those who had D&Cs and those who had natural mcs.....


sarah - May 26

Hi K, Mine was really, really heavy, I had light cramping the first day and after that just constant bleeding and some very heavy spats with clots was afraid to go in public:) After a few days wa__s dimminnished to nada!


Jenn - May 26

My first af after my m/c was the same as before my m/c so it was very normal.


Q - May 27

I didn't have a d&c, I opted for waiting for a "natural" m/c (sorry if the terms is offensive to anyone) My first a/f was totally fine. It felt the same as before. The m/c itself was no tea party though!


S - May 27

My miscarriage was April 25 and AF started on 5/25. It is just a little heavier, but not that bad so far.


Erin - May 27

My first AF after my MC was horrible as was the following one. I had more cramps than before, but what I really noticed was my hormones. I have never really had much PMs but I can not stop crying when it comes for about the week before I am a wreck. I have opted to go back on BC to try and normalize for a little while. I wish you the best of luck


KC - May 27

My first af was slighly heavier and lasted 2 days longer but no pain. I mc at 7 weeks naturally with no D&C. My first af came 26 days after the mc. Suprised me since my cycles usually last 30-31 days. Hope this helps.


K - May 29

I am currently on day 2 of my period, and even though I had cramping for a few days before AF (pretty much since O), it has subsided and I feel like I am having a normal (maybe slightly heavier) period. Thanks everyone for your responses! Take care.



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