How Common Are Miscarriges

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leslie - March 4

I had never heard abotut so many m/c until I got to this forum, so now I am sisters had never had m/c does this helps in anything?


To Leslie - March 4

An article posted on this site can probably answer most of your questions. Any particular reason that you're worrying?


stacey - March 4

noone in my family or my husband's had ever had one, but we did :( So, no it doesn't really matter. Everyone has a 15% chance of having one.


Lauren - March 4

30 % of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, most of them are not because of anything genetic, it just happens - the chromosomes aren't right. Lots, and lots, and lots of people go on to have heathly pregnancies, even after multiple miscarriages.


Misty - March 6

Yes, everyones individual chances of having a m/c are pretty low. The main reason that you heard about so many when you came on here is because women from all over the country and some from even around the world come on here for help and support when going through this.


Phoebe - March 7

It's so say how common it is... I work in the ER and see a least 4 a day


Farah - April 10

Is it unusual to spot during a 6 week pregnancy?


Hanna - April 11

I don't think it is very unusual. A friend of mine spotted in her sixth week and she is now in week 20, so doing just fine. It could be the beginning of an m/c though. My doctor sait that once you start spotting you still have a fifty per cent chance of carrying the baby full-term. I hope this helps. Good luck!


Chris - April 11

I too find myself constantly worrying about this. i am almost 10 weeks-I don't have many syptoms (never did) I went to the doctor last weeks everything was good-had an u/s and saw heartbeat-dr said it was strong and perfect-but yet I can't stop worrying. When do the chances go down?


Crissy - April 11

I made a comment that nobody in my family have ever had a miscarriage amd all the pregnancys are normal...I started bleeding the next day and at 6 weeks 1 day I miscarried....I felt horrile


lila - April 25

how do miscarriges accer in life


Alison - April 25

Up until 12 weeks is the highest risk period for miscarrying though it can still happen after this. Most miscarriages happen before 12 weeks though. Once you see a healthy heartbeat the chances go down a considerable amount. I was told it's 1 in 4 confirmed pregnancies end in a miscarriage. I was also told the most common cause is genetic. Something goes wrong as the cells divide and the baby is being formed so they cannot survive. Vital parts of genetic information can be missing and so baby cannot keep developing. They told me each time is an individual occurance and the chances of having a healthy pregnancy next time round are the same as before. I had a second miscarriage and they said it was "very unfortunate" that we had 2 in a row. They said my chances of having a healthy pregnancy next time are still the same as before. Somtimes people will have recurring miscarriages though and there may be a medical reason behind it-they count recurrent as 3 losses or more. There might not be a medical reason though. Apparently the risk is more as you approach 40 but then I'm 26 and have had 2 and I know women in late 30's who have had healthy babies and no losses. I am believing and trusting that when I do manage to conceive again it will be a healthy pregnancy. (incidentaly there is no history of miscarriage in my family) It may be common though but the odds are on your side. I wish you a healthy happy pregnancy xxx


n - April 26

It is said that about 50% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Most of the time though it is not known that you are pregnant. Sometimes if you have a period that is a few days late and heavier than normal it is very possible that you are going through a miscarriage. Good luck to all of you and I hope that everything goes the way that you want.


Sty - April 27

Hi, The average is 30% chance of m/c. The average is the + of chances / by the number of individuals, which means that a single individual could have a chance of 60% while another might have a chance of 2%. There is no m/c in my family and most of them have 3 to 8 kids. I had a m/c not long time ago. Don't worry, justy keep in mind that there is an average of 70% chance you'll have a successful pregnancy, that's what counts!


ka - April 27

i was told one in three pregnanceys end in M/C...


Judy - June 9

Very common


crisy - June 9

Miscarriages are very common. The litterature said about 1 out of 4 pregnancies ends up in miscarriage. I didn't think that it could happen to me but it did. The more miscarriages a person has the more at risk for miscarrying again she will be. Anyhow ,that's what my books said. It scares me to death, thinking that I could get pregnant again and lose the baby. I don't want to go through another loss. I don't think I could handle it.



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