How Did You Get Through You Due Date

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kellywall - February 2

My due date would have been Feb 10. I took the day off work and DH can't understand why. I don't know how I'm going to feel and I just thought that if I did feel sad I could at least be with him or even be sad by myself. How did you ladies feel when your due date came? For the last few weeks I have been thinking about what I would be feeling etc....I think I torture myself a little sometimes. I think maybe if i was pregnant again it may not hurt as much but no luck yet. Take everyone and baby dust and healthy pregnancies to all.


HeavenisMine - February 10

Mine isn't until July, I pa__sed the baby at twelve weeks, and I can imagine like you I will need time off.. I think women should just have some time to themselves and vent or cry because most anyone else who hasn't experienced it may not be able to understand....though a supportive man is nice.. I just wonder how we'll get through mothers day?


DownbutnotOUT - February 10

Mine was dec 3, 2006 and I unfortunatly spent some time in the ER due to problems with my current pregnancy, baby is fine though. When I got home though I threw myself into my children here with me and I made muffins, cakes, played games, and did anything possible to keep my mind off it. i had my cry and prayed for my baby that was suppose to be here with me. My DH was very supportive. Also it is hard even being pregnant because Im crying for the baby I lost but than feel guilty because im pregnant with a beautiful baby boy who wouldnt be here unless I lost that baby. I know its hard I discovered my missed m/c the day after mothers day and it ripped the heart out of my chest its so hard and sad but you somehow manage to get through it. take care


Jairia - February 10

My due date was November 6, 2007. We miscarried twins on two seperate dates in March of '06. It was actually during Spring Break. As a teacher, it was extremely difficult to come back to my 4th grade cla__s especially after I had told them I was expecting (I didn't ever think for a moment about miscarriage or waiting to share the news with others as this was our first pregnancy after a long period of infertility diagnosis and medications. I was actually scheduled to meet with an infetility specialist on my exact due date. At first, I was very apprehensive and almost cancelled my appointment as I thought it would be too difficult. However, my DH encouraged me to look at this date as a signficant sign. Perhaps, we would receive good news on a day that would be extremely difficult for us. Long story short, I cried all throughout the appoinment with the specialist, but I left there knowing that I had found "the doctor." He put us at ease and encouraged us to continue trying. We are currently taking Clomid to help me ovulate. I thank God that I was able to experience pregnancy even if it was for only 7 short weeks. I cherish each moment that I was able to to feel the changes in my body. Currently, it's difficult especially when others are having their babies or announcing their pregnancies. But I believe that God will give us a healthy pregnancy and baby when He sees fit. Good luck to each of you, and may God give you peace and comfort during this particularly difficult time.


LysaR - February 11

Hi Kelly. It hard getting through the due date, especially the first year. I had 3 m/c last year and the first EDD was 28th September. (one month to the day after my second m/c). I took the day off work and just busied myself around the house and out and about. I just knew I could not concentrate on work and did not want to be talking to anyone about anything as insignificant as work. I am sorry your DH did not understand why you took time off work - men deal with this very differently. My DH had not even reaslised it was the EDD until I told him but luckily has been very supportive. We ladies are much more conscious of our EDD for many reasons - including the fact that if we were still pregnant, we would not be at work at all and that we yearn to hold a baby in our arms. Going to work on the EDD is a very painful reminder of what we don't have yet. I know that I will carry the EDD of my m/cs with me for ever but the worst of the pain will pa__s. My Sister lost a baby between her 2 daughters. This was 11 years ago and she still thinks about the EDD - we'll never want to ignore them as it's an important (but painful) part of our lives. There is no telling how you will feel, you may feel numb, angry, upset or even philosophical - the emotions just seem to come along and you deal with them. Be ready to feel upset at the strangest of times, I found that weird things would just set me off but then on days I thought I would be really emotional (seeing my SIL new baby which arrived on my birthday a few weeks ago) did not set me off at all. Kelly, this is an emotional roller coaster - just take care of yourself. The worst of the pain will ease with time. I think when we do get pg again we naturally feel 'better' as we have hope again. I wish you all the very best in your quest for a family and to all the other ladies on the forum. I am now going to say something which I don't like my pg (or mummy) friends saying to me as they don't understand m/c but I feel I can say it here as we have all experienced m/c: - we will all have our time as mummy's. Now, this might be by bearing a child, or giving a special child a home through fostering or adoption; some of us will need lots of tests to see why our babies did not stay with us (I've just started mine) and others will find that one day, the long awaited healthy pg will happen. When our children arrive, they will be so precious to us but won't take away the memories of our angels. I am sorry this is a tough time for you but take care and I wish you all the best. x



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