How Did Your Doctor Treat You

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jill - March 18

I miscarried a week ago, and I guess I am still going through the process. I feel that most of what I learned was online and from talking to all of you. I could hear people in the doctors office talking about me as if I was just a "blood draw" because they were still checking my hormone levels. I have so many questions, but I feel that I am bothering my doctors office when I call. Did anyone else experience this? I know I am not the only one that goes through this, but I don't know what to expect in the near future.


enail - March 18

Jill: Sorry about your miscarriage. I went through one in December, and it is awful. At my doctor's office, the lab person did not realize why she was taking my blood (she presumed it was a normal blood draw for a normal pregnancy) and she told me that I should get used to it, because she would be seeing me every two weeks. I nearly burst into tears, but I just smiled a bit. I did cry when I left, and called my husband on the cell and cried to him. He and my mother were lifesavers. I like my doctor a lot and don't feel that I am bothering them when I call, but I do feel like they probably have dealt with this so many hundreds of times that they get numb. I would suggest that you should feel that you can call your doctor with ANY questions, but expect them to be pretty stoic. I leaned on loved ones for the emotional stuff. Good luck to you.


Cyn - March 18

I feel that my doctor wasn't very friendly and helpful either. It was only towards the end when I am confirmed miscarriage, then she offered consolation words which is not what I want to hear at that point in time. There was one time when she called to tell me of my low HCG results, I asked a question and she cut me short and didn't answer.


mulgajill - March 18

Well, whether you are 'bothering' them or not is irrelevant... they are used to it, if no one bothered them the would be out of business... my last doctors appointment started with something like "i've been researching on the internet"... should have seen his face... lol...


neha - March 19

same happened with me too. i started spotting in the 4th week of my pregnancy. whenever i called the doc she never listened to me & never gave me appt. when i got i see her she told me that "i was not expecting u today" & she didn't check me. they went on checking the hormones every week. i was checked by some other doc who was a resident & she told she all the time tried to scare me. unfortunately i miscarried last week & had to have a D&C. i have a blood draw on monday. i am expe. some weird flutters in my abdomen & pain in my navel. has anyone axp this?



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