How Did Your Miscarriage Start

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Gem - March 23

Hi I was just wandering if any of you could share with me your miscarriage story. I am 8 weeks pregnant and have been having brown spotting for a couple of days now when I wipe and occasionally on the pad. Did any of your m/c start off like this or if not how did they start. Thanks in advance for your replies.


Gem - March 23



AmyF - March 23

My dr has told me spotting is fine until you see bright red. If no bright red- you're cool. I spotted bright red a few days and then the flood started. You can't take a hpt b/c it will still come out pos. You'll have to see the Dr. to get bloodwork done to see if your levels are still going up. xxxxxx


Rhiannon - March 23

Hi. I have a long, drawn out miscarriage story. I started spotting brown at about 6 weeks. This continued until 12 weeks when I lost it. I had 6 u/s in total and everyone kept telling me that everything looked good. One day I woke up and there was a small clot. Then absolutely nothing for 12 hours. Then I began to feel a lot of pain, followed by a little bit of bright red blood, followed by a hell of a lot of pain. (I was vomiting from the pain). I have been told that brown spotting is OK, and perhaps it is. Bleeding can also be caused when the placenta is formed. I hope you are feeling alright and I hope you are not having a miscarrige. Good luck.


Susan W - March 23

Mine started with tiny pink streaks of blood in mucus at 10 weeks. I might only have one spot a day, and there were a couple days in the next two weeks where there was nothing. We didn't think anything of it, as I literally poured blood with a successful first pregnancy. But when I woke up to frank blood one morning, we knew we needed to find out what was going on. The m/c happened 24 hours later. .. . . I am also bleeding exactly the same way -- tiny streaks of red blood in mucus, with one day of pink fluid -- with this new pregnancy, and my midwife had me do an u/s yesterday to find out if everything is fine, and it was; we found an 8w4d fetus with a great hb. I spotted again today, and it is pretty disconcerting to see blood during a pregnancy. I'd check with my doctor if it continues for another day.


kc - March 23

Mine happened very quickly, I was about 5.5 - 6 weeks along. I started spotting on a Sunday at around 4 pm - at first it was just a very faint streak of pink...then brown by about 8pm....then by midnight it was full-out bright red blood, like a menstrual period. When the spotting started I went straight to the ER and had bloodwork done which showed that my hcg level was lower than expected. Two days later I had another blood test which showed that my levels were falling by 50%...this confirmed the m/c. By Wednesday I was bleeding very heavily, and pa__sed a clot. All bleeding and spotting was done within 10 days, I guess because it was so early in the pregnancy that there wasn't much tissue to pa__s. Don't let yourself get too freaked out....the doctor in the ER told me that I could be totally fine, that bleeding alone doesn't mean that a m/c is imminent. Like Susan, many people do bleed throughout the pregnancy. The only way to know for sure is to see whether your hcg levels are continuing to rise quickly (through blood tests). Wishing you the best.


chandellina - March 24

Hi Gem, my first miscarriage in Oct. started with brown spotting on a Friday - but by then I already knew I was going to miscarry from a scan earlier in the week. The actual bleeding didn't start until Monday and then it was very heavy for two days. Brown spotting often is normal though. In my second pregnancy i had brown spotting for 4 days after having s_x but at that point we know the baby was still alive. (sadly heartbeat stopped a week later and I'm now going in for D&C - haven't had any spotting though embryo stopped developing a week ago) good luck - and ask for a scan!


Gem - March 24

Really sorry to hear about all of your miscarriages. When you had brown spotting did it look like old blood or did it look just like brown discharge and also how much did you have and did you have any pain with it.


Susan W - March 24

I had absolutely no cramping until about 18 hours before the heavy bleeding started.


Bethpi - March 24

Hi, both times (have had 2 m/c in 6 months) I had hardly any spotting...only when I whiped there was a bit of -brown blood- I wasn't to worried until I went to the dr and she confirmed 1 was a blighted ovum, and recently the fetus stopped growing at 6 weeks..when I was supposed to be 10.5 weeks. Nothing was happening -so the Dr gave me 3 pills to take and w/in 15 mins cramps like never before- that lasted 13 hours and then I felt fine..spotted for a few days and it was over. If you have spotting...tell your Doctor....they can see if your levels are dropping etc. Good Luck, i hope the best for you!


Gem - March 24

Hi I went to the doctors today and he said that spotting can be quite normal but if it carries on over the weekend he will book me in for an early scan on monday. The spotting has almost stopped and the first I had today was about half an hour ago and it wasn't a lot. Hopefully everything will be ok but it is so hard trying not to worry.


Susan W - March 24

That's pretty much what my midwife and I decided to do with this new pregnancy. I spotted March 1, March 13 and then every day since this past weekend. We decided to follow it up a couple days ago and found nothing is wrong and there's no explanation for the spotting. I hope your spotting goes away (there is nothing as fear-provoking as blood coming from a pregnant lady after a m/c) or that you have a successful u/s.


mom2be051206 - March 27

with my first m/c I felt a little crampy for a few hours and later that night when I laid down I felt "wet" and I put my hand down there to see what it was and my hand was covered in bright red blood... I started crying so hard I went to the er and they sent me home the next morning with hope because they had found the baby on the u/s I'm not sure if they found a h/b or if they were supposed to... I bled like a period for a few days and then started cramping really bad one evening and pa__sed a clot and went back to the er in SEVERE pain (I had started hurting so bad we called an ambulance) I couldnt move it hurt so bad I laid there literally screaming for 3 hours because they couldnt give me anything until they knew for sure I went back for a u/s and evidentally they were sure because they gave me something when I got back in the room that knocked me out and I dont remember anything until the next day when I woke up needing to use the restroom and I pa__sed another huge clot and they said that is what we have been waiting on and they took me back for a D & C when I woke up from that I felt fine pretty much like nothing ever happened my stomach was barely even sore.... with my second pregnancy I found out with a blood test 3 days b-4 my period was due that I was pg a week later I started bleeding like a normal period went to the er and my hcg level was >2 so they scheduled an u/s and never found anything I had already pa__sed all the tissue... I'm now 8 1/2 months pregnant with a healty baby boy with no explanation as to why or what happened with the first 2, just thankful God has given me a healthy pregnancy this time.


JuJu - March 27

Gem; I am not sure of your circ_mstances, but there is a good chance you're not having a m/c!! I had brown spotting for 2+ weeks when I was pregnat with my DD, and everything was fine. I have had 2 m/c's and with both I didn't have spotting - just started consitantly bleeding with the first one, and the second was a 'missed' m/c - so I didn't bleed at all until after I eventually had a D&C. Gem - go have an u/s to put your mind at ease - hope everything turns out well for you :)


ashley03cali - March 28

I started with light crampin then there was bright red spottin thats when i went to the doc and found out for sure that i was miscarrying.


MelissaK - March 28

I had brown spotting on and off then a mc. This happend to me twice. My thought (which I know is WRONG, but it's how I think my body behaves) is if there is blood there is trouble. Call your doctor.


Kim Willoughby - March 28

I miscarried at 6 1/2 weeks with my third child and it started out as brown spotting. By the end of the evening I was bleed like af and then went on to pa__s clots. I did spot brown with my lc and that was due to a yeast infection. So I don't think it always means miscarriage. Good luck! Kim



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