How Do I Cope

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Little wing - November 14

It's been 2 months since I miscarried for the 3rd time. No one understands. Why do I feel like this still? Someone help me


Ellie - November 14

Hey hun, I cant say I understand how you feel, because I dont I mean I understand why you feel like that but i have never experianced it myself. Im sorry to hear that it was the 3rd time, but everything does happen for a reason i dont know anything about you or what type of life you live but perhaps your not seeing the bigger picture perhaps there is a biger plan for you right now. remember everything does happen for a reason,and when you DO have your angel-like bundle of joy and cuddles and love everything will make sence, everything ahppens when its supposed to


ELS - November 14

I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my son on 08/31/05. I think that when a woman loses her child whether it be by misarriage, neonatal death, still birth or whatever the circ_mstance may be, we are completely and utterly changed. Not only are you saddened by the fact that your child is no longer with you but your hopes and dreams for that child are shattered. Women nuture, and when it is the very body that is supposed to protect and nurture that baby fails, irregardless of the reason, we feel as though a part of our hearts are gone. Nothing will replace that piece of our heart, but eventually when we do have healthy children, a bit of healing will happen. Just know that eventually your dreams of having a child WILL COME TRUE. But in the meantime, please be gentle with yourself and your husband/partner. There is not a moment of the day where I forget about my son Luke, but I just know that when I am blessed with another baby, I know that I will be a good mom. No doubt about it. I wish you a fast healing physically, spiritually and mentally.


Melissa - November 14

Hi, there really is no time clock for grieving. I mean, some people are denied a promotion and are bitter about it for months! So losing a pregnancy can take a really long time. Just go about your life, take care of your health, try again for another baby (if that is what you want to do) and day by day it should get easier but don't put yourself on a time clock, it will only stress you out. You feel how you feel and there is really not much that can be done, but just to work through it. As ELS says, after experiencing pregnancy loss (at any stage), we are changed. We are changed just by experiencing pregnancy as well. I kow I have changed. I don't worry as much about the small stuff. I have a bigger goal and I just have to keep my eye on that.


Stef - November 15

Little wing...I am sorry for your pain. I am currently in the middle of my 3rd m/c. I found out today with an u/s and now I am bleeding. I can honestly tell you....I understand how you feel. I am there. My heart is broken. But the good news is that broken hearts can be mended. So I pray it happens quickly...this sadness is truly more that one can bare. Good luck. Be kind to yourself and give it to God. God bless!



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