How Do I Cope With My Loss

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Nancy Salem - December 18

So i had an ectopic pregnancy..i was bleeding for 3 straight weeks, i had horrible symptoms. i was passing out, throwing up, had horrible pain in my lower abdomen. Finally i went to the hospital and they told me my tube had ruptured. i had to get an emergency surgery so that they could remove my tube and my baby. i had internal bleeding which was why my stomach was getting big but hurting for about 3 weeks..I thought the syptoms i was having were of a normal pregnancy.. But i was wrong. 'Till this day my scar is still hurting inside and out. Its been 6 months and everyday i think of the beautiful baby i would have had. Everyday i miss him. And everyday i get more and more confused.. i dont understand why i lost the most wanted baby. I cant stop crying. i cant be happy when i see people pregnant or with kids. i found out my sister is pregnant and that killed me inside.. i dont know what to do.. i feel like i'm going crazy!!! Please Help...


PrioleauLuv - December 19

I Nancy, I dont have any answers for you on how to cope as I am going through the same. We lost our son at 20wks almost 2 weeks ago and I am still trying to find my way. They say it gets easier with time but I don' t see how. Do you have one remaining tube? Are you currently ttc? I know that having another baby doesn't take the pain away but right now I feel like all I want is to be preggo again and am still waiting to get my first af. Just know that you are not alone and I;m here whenever you want to chat!


CodyKatie5 - December 19

Nancy, I posted my story under PrioleauLuv's post about losing her baby. Please feel free to read it, but know that I know how you feel about seeing others preggo. My daughter was stillborn four months ago and it still hurts to bad to see pregnant women or babies. I too think of the little girl I should have had this Christmas.



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