How Do I Know If I Had A Misscaraige

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Alexia - February 22

i am 6 weeks along, and i think i may have had a misscariage. can anyone tell me how to tell if i have?


CP - February 22

I miscarriage during 7th week, it started off with light spotting and gradually turned into bleeding with blood clots. A couple of days later, there are more liver-like lumps of blood clots and then followed by the sac which came out like a small ball, that was filled with blood and membranes. I had cramps (like menstural cramps) prior to the discharge of the sac and the moment it came out, the cramp was gone as well. Hope the info helps.


Katie - February 24

I had a miscarriage also during my 7th week of pregnancy. For me it started really light brown when wiping and was just like a period it even lasted the same amount of time. There were tiny little clots but if i hadnt of had a positive pregnancy test a few days before I would of just a__sume i was having a normal period. The pains i were experiencing were also just like light period cramps.


Becki - February 24

I am sorry to hear this news Alexia. If you are worried that you might be miscarrying for whatever reason, contact your doctor or midwife immediately. They will get you in right away and will run tests to see if you and your baby are ok! I wish you all the best


question81 - April 13

My friend is questioning if she is having a period a miscarriage. She has cramping but her bleeding she said is a lot darker then the last time she had her period. She did take a pregnancy test last week and it was negative. She had s_x the week before with her b/f no protection. He was killed in a mva that night. Could she be having a miscarriage or could the stress of everything going on be the cause of things?


Claire - April 21

It depends when she had s_x - if she had s_x one week before her period was due its highly unlikely she would have been pregnant as she would already have ovulated. I think its more likely to be stress - poor thing.


marrie - August 15

I just had a stream of blood run down my leg and i tested positive with a home preg test last wednesday. When i go to the restroom i wipe light brown and my panies are always lightly stained light brown,Can anyone tell me what this might be.


J.K. - August 15

I am going through the same situation. You won't know until you get a blood test done to see if your HCG levels are droppping. I have been spotting for 1 week today and have had some clots. It is common to spot so don't be alarmed.I did a another hpt and it still came positive but if I did miscarry you can still have HCG in your body. I find out in 2 days what is going on. Good luck ! Think positive and don't stress because that could be the worse thing to do to your body right now!


worried mom - August 15

How long does it usually take for a misscarriage to finish its process. and does it normally start like a light period


elyse - August 15

To worried mom yes it can start like a period but there may be other reasons too for the bleed i would see a dr any way to be sure. As for the m/c it seems to be different for everyone, some ladies say on here its sudden with no warning others it takes days of heavy bleeding or just like a period for some it does depend on how far along you are as well to how you bleed, some only bleed for a few days others for weeks after it is very much individual thing i'm afraid we all have different stories of m/c on here i hope this helps and all is ok.


to marrie - August 15

it sounds like you are probably having implantation bleeding-if it gets any heavier you might want to check with the doctor.


marrie - August 15

i have been reading you're responses and i really appreciate them but i wnt to urinate a few minutes ago and when i flushed the toilet i saw to small blood clots is that bad


Lindra - September 12

I have fluids thst come out of the v____a it's usually clear at first but when it drys it's a light brown color and one day i was having cramps and bleeding but ti stopped then it happened another day. sometiems i just have cramps no bleeding adn my friends say i look pregnant i haven't taken a test or anything but could it be cause sometimes i wear tight pants. Can tight clothes cause a miscarriage?



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