How Do I Know It S A Miscarriage

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heatherms - March 11

I'm new to this forum but I've been reading your questions and thought someone might have some help for me. My LMP was 2/2 and my IUI was done 2/12. I started bleeding on 2/19 and assumed the procedure did not take. I called my repro. endo. and asked to have my test done early (2/23 instead of 2/26) to verify a negative. The level that day was 2.3 but my doctor still wanted another test on 2/26 b/c he wants <2 before confirming neg. By 2/26 it was 31, 3/2 it was 128, 3/6 it was 554 and on 3/9 it was 1274. They said the uterus was empty on 3/6 but on 3/9 found a gestational sac. During this whole process they keep saying I'm having a miscarriage (this will be my second) because my initial numbers weren't high enough. I'm confused and nervous about what to do and my doctor/staff aren't exactly "warm and fuzzy". Is this happening to anyone else?


stefkay - March 12

Hi heatherms, I'd say just try to hold tight for the next week or so. It seems awfully early on for them to be telling you it is a m/c. It looks like your hcg is doubling which is what is supposed to happen. They saw a gestational sac at 5 weeks which seems pretty normal from what I have learned here and this coming Friday would put you at 6 weeks by lmp so I would think they would see more if the numbers continue to double. I mean of course your numbers are going to be low in the beginning because they tested them before you were even 4 weeks pregnant! Most women don't even get a positive pregnancy test at that time meaning their hcg is too low to be detected and that would make it less than 20. Sorry, as I type I am getting frustrated because it sounds like things are ok right now and the dr's are causing you undue stress. Hell, I'm not a dr. though so I should probably keep my mouth :-) good luck and keep us posted!


HeavenisMine - March 12

They don't always find more than a Gestational sac at five weeks. I say try and breath, and wait it out. You hang in there! Doctors do seem to cause a pregnant lady's stress don't they? Some doctors, not all....I hope no doctors read this


heatherms - March 12

Thanks for the advice. Although I hate for anyone else to have to go through this experience (w/infertility and m/c), it is nice to hear from people who actually understand. I go back 3/16 for another us and blood test. We're praying really hard.



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