How Do I Start Over After A Blighted Ouvm Take This Journey

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wantababybad - January 9

Hello ladies......Today I had a D&C after having a blighted ovum at 8 weeks pregnant. I have very little spotting and no pain at all. Im so Thankful. Do says I can start having s_x after two weeks. I was on clomid with this first pregnancy. days 1-5 which is the reason I belive the baby didnt make it. The reason I was on clomid is because for some reason I was just never getting pregnant. So if I dont get pregnant natural before my next period then I will go back on clomid. The same mgs which was 100 and change the days to 3-7. I hope some of you ladies will join me on my journey to my next pregnancy. We can all do it together


billsgirl - February 8

hey wanta. i went had a u/s yesterday due to spotting. i am 7 weeks one day. the u/s showed the sac but nothing else. i am supposed to go in again next friday to see if anything changed. but, ever since comming home i have been spotting and my back is hurting so im a__suming the m/c is starting. i plan on trying again immediatly and would love to go thru this with you. how are you feeling now? how did you deal with the pain, and how did your dh take it? mine isnt heartbroken which makes me feel like a failure. i am scared that this will make him resent me. i also am not looking forward to telling friends and family.


tdo - February 8

wantababybad, Wow!! We have the same story. I had my D&C today and was 9 weeks preg-today. At first they said I had a blighted ovum, but then noticed "debris" in the sac. I too was on clomid. Why do you believe the baby didn't develop bc of the clomid. Were you taking it before you realized you were pregnant? I'm planning to go back on clomid 100mg after my first menstrual cycle. I feel very relieved today and looking forward to taking a month off to heal & starting the journey again. I'm hopeful & encouraged!! billsgirl, I'm sorry you too are going through this. I've heard its better to mc naturally, but it is uncomfortable. I hope it happens quickly for you. I understand the feelings of failure. I know how badly my hubby wants a baby and it breaks my heart. That being said, 15-20% of women mc. This is a natural phenomenon and the odds are this won't happen again. I'm sure you've heard that a 100 of times, but its finally helping me. I actually believe that there is nothing wrong with me & I will soon have a baby!! Let's all keep in touch and support eachother through this & more importantly get preggers soon ;-)


tdo - February 8

Wantababybad, how will changing from days 1-5 to 3-7 effect things? I was told to take it 3-7, but ended up taking it 4-8 bc I was on vacation & got my period early.


billsgirl - February 8

hi tdo! im so sorry for your loss too. its so heartwrenching, but the good news for the 3 of us is that we CAN get pregnant, that is half the battle. how long have you both been ttc? i had been trying for a little of a year. i was on the verge of going to the doc to see what the problem was. i have endo so i was scared that that was the reason. i heard that after a m/c that women are really fertile, so i pray that we all get to start all over again soon.


wantababybad - February 8

Hey ladies. Thank You for joining me. Well today is day 29 since my d&c and im still waiting on my cycle so far so I can start back on clomid tdo- I think taking clomid days 1-5 was to early and the eggs may have not been fully develpoped and thats why it didnt attach. Im glad that everyone has join me even though we are going through heartache. DH was sad when it happened but just tried to comfort me and tell me we will try again. So we have been !!! I took a pregnancy test the other day and it was BFN so that at least means my levels are at 0. I will wait another two weeks and then take another test and it AF hasnt arrived im going back to the doctor


april baby - February 8

Wantababybad, I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. I am glad your levels are back down to 0 and you can concentrate on ttcing again. Take care~


tdo - February 9

Hi all, thanks for explaining why taking clomid early would effect the eggs. that makes sense. It took us 13 months to get pregnant the first time. However, we did get preggers after our 2nd cycle on clomid. I"m hopeful it will happen quicker this time. My Dr. suspects endometriosis with me due to my symptoms. I haven't had a laprascopy to confirm this. My plan is to try for 6 months with clomid. If I am unsucessful (which i wont be)) I'll have the laproscopy to see if I indeed to have endo. billsgirl, have you had the laproscopy to diagnose endo?


tdo - February 9

wantababybad, did it take about 3 weeks for your hcg levels to return to 0? I don't want to start charting and stressing a day after my DNC. I'm going to try to wait 3 weeks before taking a hcg blood test. Well, I guess my Dr. will decide when to do that. I have an appointment in 2 weeks time.


wantababybad - February 12

Hey ladies just checking in. Im at my new job. Well I too at pg test today because my cycle still hasnt started and it was BFN. Im so ready to start. Tomorrow will make week 5 since my d&c and no signs of AF starting. Im so anxious


billsgirl - February 12

tdo, yeah i had a lap done a few years ago. they said it wasnt bad at all and i should have no prob having more kids...... 2 years later it happened only to have this happen. well, i am starting to bleed heavier and pa__s some small clots. nothing huge but enough for me to cry. my boss sent me home for the rest of the week cause i cant keep it together. he is so great. his wife went thru it years ago so hes very understanding. how is everyone doing? since i will be home for the next 6 days non-stop hopfully i can get to knwo you all better!


tdo - February 13

billsgirl, You are very fortunate to have an understand boss. I wish mine was. I was at work on a Tuesday when my OBGYN called. He explained that he suspected an ectopic & I needed to get an u/s immediately & then go to see him. If the ectopic was confirmed he wanted to do a methotrexate injection immediately. I started to cancel my patients & did speak to my boss. I said that I needed to leave due to an urgent matter, It's very personal and I'll speak to him the next day. He shut my door and pressured me into telling him "exactly what was going on." He was agressive & horrible. I don't think I can forgive him. Luckily, it wasn't an ectopic and rather than scheduling a day off for the D&C, I called in sick. That way he wouldn't ask questions ahead of time. He did ask what was wrong with me this time to my collegue. Sorry, just needed to vent.


billsgirl - February 14

tdo, im so sorry your boss is such an A hole. how are you feeling? are you still bleeding from the d&c? yesterday i had the worst cramps of my life. i actually called my doc office today to see if on friday after my u/s if i will be abe to schedule a d&c cause i know for sure that i am m/c. the nurse said it depends on what the doctor finds but to "hang in there". wtf!! i waas so mad, i was expecting them to tell me to come in that day because of how much pain i was in. all i did yesterday was lay in bed. i swear this is the worst cramps id ever had. when my son came home from school he made me some soup cause i wasnt able to get up all day to eat,. so when he brought it up i tried to sit up and i couldnt cause it hurt so bad. that night in bed i litterally tried doing my lamaz breathing to help. then at about midnight i woke up to go to the bathroom i had the strangest looking blood clot i had ever seen. i knew that was it. today, the cramps are not nearlly as bad. i cant wait til tomorrow when i go to the docs and hopefully they tell me i had a full m/c, and its only days til i am me again. but, the one good thing that has come out of this is me and my boyfriend have decided to quit smoking and havent had a cigarette since sunday. i know four days doesnt seem like much, but believe me, it was one of the hardest things ive ever done.


tdo - February 15

billsgirl, Congrats on quiting!! I'm sure its extremely difficult, but will make you healthier for your future pregnancy. Yes, we will both be pregnant again!!!!!! Hope you're feeling better today!


wantababybad - February 16

well ladies my AF finally decided to arrive today!!! Im so glad. I will be starting my clomid on monday. taking them days 3-7 100 mgs


Bumblebee - February 20

billsgirl / tdo - So sorry for your losses. It may sound strange, but I am glad it is done for you! I am still waiting. Last mc when I had the terrible cramps, I kept applying hot packs and got an electric one also. It really helped. And kept drinking warm water / herb tea. All the warmth helps with the pains. I hope I will be done soon and can join in the fun again with u all! It all sounds strange to think and say. But there it is. HEY WANTA - You go with that.. wish u all the best on the next one.



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