How Do You Stay Positive

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tdo - March 20

When trying to conceive, the one thing that you hear over and over again is-- relax!!!!!! Instantly, when somebody says that to be my body tenses up with anger & frusteration. Getting pregnant is not easy for some of us. Lossing a pregnancy is even harder. I am back to square one this weekend. After having a dnc for a non-viable pregnancy, I now face ttc all over again. I've been looking forward to this moment, since I heard about my non-viable pregnancy. Back then, I thought to myself, if only I knew the BD part was the fun part. Now, I'm scared!! I've lost sight of the big picture. I just called a acupuncturist & looking for yoga classes this weekend to relax me. I'm angry at myself for not giving up my 1 cup of coffee in the morning and binging on chocolate this week. Most of us have been through alot. I wonder why I still punish myself? My question is: How do you start this process all over again with a calm att_tude?


bettyg - March 20

Honestly, I waited to ttc until I was mentally ready to face it. It's stressful. Sometimes I was ready within a few months and other times I just took a break and worked on making myself healthy and happy. I'm trying Reiki this go around which is supposed to help you relax. I fell asleep so I guess it worked. Also, I find going away to conceive is helpful...gets you out of the daily grind and you can just focus on each other. Wine helps me, too :-) Anyway, I'm 7 weeks today and I don't think I would be as calm as I am if I didn't wait until I was ready to face the craziness.


julie2007 - March 20

TDO (i agree with bettyg -- i needed to take a few months away after my 1st m/c d&c to heal emotionally - but headed in strong when i felt better) ---- so i feel you on the stress when someone tells you to relax. i had 2 miscarriages last year ('07) and couldn't hear it again. so i turned to acupuncture (i am so afraid of needles!!!) but it helped relax me, and we took a short getaway, that helped too, i also fostered 7 orphaned weanling puppies (kept me WAY busy!) and i think it all helped.... i am dreading the EDD coming up for my last m/c in just a few days, but i am pregnant again, for which i am very thankful. . . it will happen again for you. i think it's a great idea to try the acupuncture, i also took a lot of vitamins / supplements (royal jelly, vitamin B6, etc) in addition to my prenatal, which hopefully helped with egg quality. i know it's tough but try to keep the faith - it'll happen again - and until it does - you know that you are doing everything in your power to make it happen! good luck and i hope to hear great news from you soon!


tdo - March 23

bettyg and julie, Thank you for your advice. Some days I feel ready and others days I'm far... away... from being ready. Time will tell. I have planned a vacation in a few weeks. I definitely agree that helps. The first time I got preggers was in mexico. Congratulations to both of you on your pregnancies. I'm right behind you:-)



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