How Doo I Know If I Ve Had A Miscarriage

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HB - April 13

Hi. According to the date of my last period and 2 positive pregnancy tests, I should be 6 weeks along in pregnancy. However, yesterday I fell pretty hard on my butt down the stairs. Needless to say, it really scared me and I am afraid that I might have caused a miscarriage. Luckly I have had no spotting or severe cramping but I am still worried. How long would it take for spotting/bleeding to occur? My first OB/GYN appointment isn't for 2 more weeks and I am freaking out. I really want this baby. I would appreciate any advise.


K - April 13

I would think that if you fell yesterday, you would most likely have some spotting or cramping by now. I've always thought that earlier in a pregnancy, the baby is still very small and very protected from these kinds of things. That said, I still would call the dr and at least talk to a nurse about it. They may have you come in for an u/s to be sure. Good luck, and keep us posted.


natasha - May 31

u didnt lose it. even if u fell hard on ur bum. u have to fall on ir back or stomach. on ur side joints i wouldnt be worried if i was u


anisa - June 10

Personally i don't think you've lost the baby but if i was you i'd go straight to the hospital to be checked thoroughly, you'd rather be safe than sorry! They'd monitor and listen to the babys heartbeat and check that everythings ok. Don't wait for something to happen, do something about it, ask questions, seek advise, ring around.


kc - June 10

HB- I agree with anisa. If you have a bad feeling it is best to go and get things checked out. If nothing is wrong you will have peace of mind knowing the baby is okay. Lots of Luck.


S - July 18

There wouldn't be a heartbeat to listen to yet, at this early stage of pregnancy...but doctors will certainly still be able to tell you whether you're pregnant or not. I had a very early-term miscarriage and had severe cramping and bleeding, but you might not have the same symptoms. It's best to just go to a doc and get a professional opinion. Best wishes to you hon!


laya - June 27

i had a mis cariage in 2005 and now it seems as if i can't get pregnant again what should i do? i mean im ovulating i feel the soreness in my b___st


unknowngirl - October 10

i've recently found out i'm pregnant for the first time......and i was staying at my boyfriends house 2 nyts ago...and i was havin extreme discomfort in the nyt.....i finally got to sleep early hours in the morning......when i woke up......i had noticed a puddle of blood on the sheets........does it mean i've had a misscariage?



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