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hayleyc - May 17

Hi, I missed misscarriage in feb at 5 1/2 weeks although i carried until 8 1/2 weeks. I am around 5 1/2 weeks now and am finding it hard not to constantly worry that this pregnancy will be fine. I am desperate to go for an u/s, i would like to wait to about 8-9 weeks but don't think i can wait that long, i just want to put my mind at rest. What can you see at around 7 weeks and would they be able to detect a heart beat etc...


leasa - May 17

hi hayley. sorry for your loss in february. same thing happened to me in february. carried until 10 weeks and fetus stopped growing at 6 weeks. i am now 6 weeks and 2 days. my doc wants me to try and wait until my first scan at 11/12 weeks but i cant so i am going to ask for one next week when i will be 7 weeks. i think it would prob be transv____al but you should able to see the little bean with a fetal pole. i was told that you should be able to detect a fetal pole as early as 6 weeks.. good luck to you..


Eva29 - May 17

Hi guys I had a missed miscarriage at about 10 weeks they think - I only found out at 14 weeks so I know how you must be feeling. Here is the information I found on the transv____al untrasound 4-5 weeks - gestational sac 5-6 weeks- gestational sac/internal yolk sac and the fetal pole 6-7 weeks- they can detect the flicker of the HB based on my reading after seeing the HB the chances of a spontaneous MC go from 20% to 5%. (although I was in the 5 % :( ) Hope this info helps - I would def. want to have an early one in your place. this is my first month back to TTC so hopefully I will have good luck :) Hope all goes well for both of you!


ksorbin - May 17

Hayley....I miscarried my last baby at 18 weeks, BUT we did see the heartbeat at about 6wks, so why don't you just call your OB and ask for an ultrasound. If he/she is good, they will understand your anxiety and agree that it would be a good idea to put your mind at ease as much as possible. I am currently ttc, but am awaiting ovulation. My miscarriage was 4/27. I stopped bleeding last week and am hoping for the big O in the next week or so. I know for sure that if I do get pregnant....I will be asking for a ultrasound RIGHT at 6 weeks. I have already told my OB that and she actually said that I could have as many ultrasounds as I desired. Now THAT is a great OB. Good luck to you. You are in my thoughts. -Kortnee


Eva29 - May 18

Hi, I agree I am TTC but when it happens I will get an U/S ASAP. I am planning on switching doctors to a doc. who has a u/s machine at her office. A the monthly appointments she checks the hb via ultrasound which is great.


frankschick2001 - May 18

Seven weeks, you should definitely see the heartbeat. We got a h/b at 6 weeks. If you don't want to wait, then don't! Definitely get a scan to see how the baby is doing so far. The u/s will be transv____al. Quick and easy.


hayleyc - May 18

Hiya, Not quite sure where this forum actually originates from (maybe the US) but I am from the UK and I'm not sure the health service works the same. I had a horrible time when I misscarried back Feb. I bleed for 3 days lightly before the hospital would even see me, to then be sent straight home and told that they were sure 99% that I wasnt miscarrying. They eventually agreed to give me a transviginal u/s but schedule it for 2 weeks later!!! The following day I started to bleed very very heavily and they finaly took me in for an examination. I actually layed down next to the trans u/s, they examined me internally but still refused the u/s and sent me home, but this time saying they wasn't so sure I maybe misscarrying, it this early stage theres nothing they could do, and not to go to A&E it was not an emergency, I couldnt bully my way through that way! THEY JUST HAVE NO COMPASSION. I cotinued to bleed and the process of me visiting the hospital carried on until I gave in and finally payed for a private u/s which was abdominal not transv____al and they told me straight away. The National Health Service in the UK stinks. So this time I am going straight privately. Well thats enough of my horrible story. Sorry for everybodys losses, LEASA - Congrats on getting this far, hope the u/s goes well...Good luck... EVA29 Thxs for the info, and thats exactly why im going private, good luck in falling, hope it goes well... KORTNEE You have one great OB there wish I had too, Good luck...FRANKSCHICK2001 Seven weeks sounds good not long to wait now. xxxv GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!


ksorbin - May 18

Hayley--that is horrible that it was soooo difficult for you to get an u/s. Even with my last pregnancy which ended at 18wks, I had an u/s at 5, 6 and 10 wks just to verify a good heartbeat. AND that was when nothing was wrong and I had not had any previous miscarriages. Yes, my OB is great!!!!!!!!!!! It is unfortunate that they are all not that understanding...even in the US. I hope you are not going to have to wait or pull strings for this u/s. I wish you luck and let us know how it goes. -Kortnee


Eva29 - May 18

I am Canadian and getting a reg. u/s is pretty dif. here as well - very long wait of about 1 month unless you go private...then the wait is 24hours, big difference! I don't think they quite understand that we live in fear after a m/c. Last week I had a doctor tell me that mc are a dime a dozen...very sensitive and helpful!


hayleyc - May 19

Hiya Kortnee, I will be booking my private u/s today, I called last nigth and they were really helpful and if I am really worried they would have squeezed me in there and then, but I am going to try and wait till around 7 weeks if I can. I'll let you know how it goes. As I said EVA29 - NO COMPASSION, it doesn't make it any easier know that m/c is very common its still a loss and its still very hard!! xxx



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