How Fast Do HCG Levels Fall After A D Amp C

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Betty - March 2

I had a D&C at the beginning of the 10th week. Levels were at 160,000 then dropped to about 120,000 at the time of the procedure. After about 2 days, it dropped to 50,000, but then at 4 days it, rose to 57,000. The doctors are concerned, but I'm wondering if there's any chance that the levels will still drop on their own. I cannot have another D&C since they pierced my uterus and I suffered in the clinic for 4 days, not to mention that I'm not 100% convinced they didn't remove a healthy fetus.


stacey - March 2

I'm trying to figure it out too. I had a d&e almost 5 weeks ago and today my level was 7. I had lots of brown spotting and cm. Was told it could have been a period, but keep reading that your levels need to be below 5 to have a period. We'll see! Your story is strange though- don't know what would make it go back up... ANY NEWS?


Alicia - March 2

Did they do an u/s to look for any new growth? Did they mention the possibility of a molar pregnancy? It isn't likely you had a molar pregnancy but I had a partial molar pregnancy and they watch your levels very carefully b/c a rise in hcg signals regrowth of the "mole", typically though there would be no drop in hcg before d&c. I did have a natural m/c where my levels started out very low (200 or so) and actually went up a couple days after my m/c to higher than they were during pregnancy (275 or so) and the emergency ob my gp talked to said it could be one cell to go up that much but 7000 seems like quite a bit to me. What makes you think maybe they removed a healthy fetus? Sorry to ask, but I was just wondering. Anyway good luck and I hope your dr's figure it out soon, sorry to hear they pierced your uterus also! Stacey after one of my d&c's my levels were above 5 when I got af so it is possible.


stacey - March 2

Alicia thanks, you're the only one who has said that- now I feel a bit more relieved...


bump - March 4




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