How Long After 2 Mc Before Pregnant Again

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Ashley - October 26

I have had two mc, one in April that ended in a D&C and the other in July. We have not stopped trying, but I am still not pregnant and I am getting very frustrated. I was wondering if anyone else had 2 mc how long it took for them to have a healthy pregnancy. I have been tested and everything came back as normal.


Q - October 27

I would like to know this as well. I have had two m/c's this year and we are trying again. This is our first month, so I don't know yet if we have conceived or not. I do believe my body will concieve when it's ready.


Sue - October 27

Hi Ashley, I know what you are going through. I had a miscarriage in April and then one this month. We are waiting to try till 3 cycles. Hope you are successful!


To Ashley & all, - October 27

I think we should post this in the TTC forum, and I am sure they can guide us better.


Tara - October 30

Hi ladies, I had a miscarriage in June 2005, I was 12 weeks when we couldent find heartbeat. I ended up taking a drug to expel baby and it nearly killed me after having blood transfusion I got an emergency D&C. 5 days after D&C I had cramping, chills and high fever. I was told it was a kidney infection so given antibiotics after 4 different antibiotics and still fever doctors thought it might be uterus infection and I was told I could end up with Ashermans Syndrome and infertile.I was lucky though to get my period 6 weeks after D&C and I was going to ttc. I started using ovulation sticks and bbt meathod and both indicated I wasent ovulating, boy was I depressed, but understood it sometimes takes awhile to ovulate after being through what I went through. Well I continued with the sticks and bbt and I started getting really sore b___sts and tierd. I didnt think I was pregnant because tests were still negative. Well I finally took an pregnancy test and I was pregnant. I never even thought I ovulated. Im currently 15 weeks tomorrow. I was so determined to get pregnant even when I thought I wasent ovulating we had s_x every second day. I do know it sometimes takes a few months to get back on track though .Q is right when your body is ready it will happen. Lots of prayers for you ladies and future healthy babies for all of us. Oh I got pregnant the first cycle after D&C.


Ashley - October 30

Thanks for the responses. I guess I was just looking for an average amount. We are still ttc so maybe it will be this month.


diamond - October 31

i had a miscarrage three days ago how long do i have to get pregnant again



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