How Long After A M C Are Hpt Results Considered Accurate

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Rosetta - April 11

I had a missed m/c. I was 9 wks 4 days the dr said when the baby passed away. I didn't know until my u/s at 11 weeks. I had a D&E 3/17/05. Since then I haven't had an AF which I know can take time. I've been intimate with my bf several times, and for about a week now I've been slightly crampy like I was in the beginning of my last pregnancy and a few smells make me queasy. I don't know whether this is pregnancy symptoms or impending AF or even wishful thinking on my part!! I was just at the OB for my follow-up appointment from the D&E but she didn't do any blood work and no internal exam. She pressed on my belly and said everything was okay. I asked her how long before one would ovulate and she said it could be 2-9 weeks after D&E. I'm not sure whether to call my dr or try an hpt. I don't know how long after a m/c a hpt is considered accurate???? Help please.....anyone with some sound advice please feel free to email me at [email protected]


stacey - April 11

well, I also had a missed m/c, followed by a d&e on 1/28. Before my af came (6 weeks later) I swore I was prengnant again- had lots of same symptoms..of course, wasn't....BUT that doesn't mean you aren't! It happens!! I called my dr. during week 5 and asked for a quantative blood test- that gave me the answer I needed. A HPT won't be accurate if your Hcglevels are still up from the miscarriage. if really conceerned, ask/beg for the blood test.


Rosetta - April 12

Thnks Stacey. I will ask for the blood test if I don't get my af by my next appt. I have a maternal-fetal medicine appt in a couple of weeks becuz I am diabetic and they want me to be prepared when I am pregnant again. This past pregnancy was a surprise...


Liz - April 12

See my post t_tled "So frusterated." It's been three weeks since my d&c and I got a bfp today on a hpt. Since the first time we were together was only 10 days ago, I guess I'm pretty sure that's it still left over from the m/c. I really wish there was another way to tell. I still have three weeks until my next apt.


stacey - April 12

LIZ- it might be too early for hcg numbers to be up that high- took me 5 weeks to get to a 7, HOWEVER, I have read posts from girls who were down to ) after 2 weeks, in which case it could be pos. again. I understand the frustration!! Good luck!


Rosetta - April 13

Hi ladies. Well I went to the grocery store today and stared at the hpt section for about 20 minutes. Then I walked away. Without buying a test. I was soooo tempted but figured I will TRY and hold out for the dr on the 30th. Still have the symptoms and seem a little puffy in the tummy. I hate this waiting game. But then again I guess we've all been there. and I would imagine the rest of you hated it or hate it just as much.


Rosetta - April 14

Ok say today I broke down and bought three hpts. BUT this was after I talked to my family dr who handles my diabetes/pump. He said to take a test and if it was positive to take another in 7 days...and if that one is positive to take the last one the following monday. He said at that point if its positive then there is a good possibility we are pregnant again because that would put me right at the 8 weeks post mc date. Soooo Anyway...I took a test tonight and the line is faint but its there so we will wait out the next week both impatiently and nervously and see what the next one says. I am trying sooo hard not to get my hopes up.



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