How Long After A Still Birth Can I Get Pregnant

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Bella - April 6

I had a stillbirth at 39 weeks on 3/28/2005, I had to be induced and delivered va___ally. My husband and I want to try again real soon. I want to try in 2 months, has anyone ever gotten pregnant right after a still birth. What is the recommended wait?


rita - April 6

Hi Bella, my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Must be tough, but please remember God does everything for a reason...I too am getting over my miscarriage. To answer your question, I would say there is no "recommended" wait time, I know a friend who gave birth and within 2 months she was pregnant again. Good luck to you!


Davida - April 6

Bella: Let me say how sorry I am for your loss. My husband and I lost our little girl at 34 wks in June 2004. We were told to wait at 7 - 8 mos before trying again. We got pregnant in Jan 05 and m/c Feb 05 but we are pregnant now again and I am very positive so far! I believe that this baby needs all the positive energy I can give it and that's what I am going to do! I read in a local news paper recently the words: "Be note afraid". Every once in a while I will get nervous because I felt a cramp or I didn't feel quite as nauseous but then something catches my eye and strengthens me! It took me a long time to get the courage to even consider getting pregnant again and I did and we lost the baby I wanted to give up but now that I am pregnant again I have decided that I will not cheat this baby of any of my joy about having it. It still comes and goes but mostly I'm just glad to have been blessed so richly! Best wishes to you and your husband.


Karen - April 6

What a terrible thing you had to suffer ... unfortunately the advice that most doctors give (unless there was a medical problem that caused the babies death) is exactly the same advice that they give after a successful birth - but it is NOT nice to have to go to websites designed for people with tiny babies! Usually you would be advised to wait until your cycles have settled down, but theres no important reason for that. Most doctors will be OK with it if you want to try again soon, after my premature baby died, the doctor said he had another patient who lost her baby 'at term' and she was already trying to conceive before 6 weeks had pa__sed - he seemed perfectly content that she wasn't taking unnecessary risks. When it comes to getting pregnant soon after a miscarriage or birth, there are plenty of arguments both ways, but most of us know of at least one family with less than a year between two of the siblings, so its obviously not too dangerous to get pregnant again soon. Good luck, whenever you try...!


NicoleMcAmish - April 20

I am so sorry for you loss. We lost are daughter 12/30/04 still born full term. You have a slightly higher risk of miscarriage if you do no wait 3 months from your delivery date b/c your uterus is not fully healed. Howeer the increased risk is very low. We began trying right after we lost our daughter but have not gotten pregnant yet. Only you can decide if you are willing to risk We were willing to take the risk. Good luck to you. Hopefully this time next year we will both have newborns.



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