How Long After D Amp C Should I Wait To Try Again

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Liz - January 15

Hi, I started to miscarry on the 11th and had to have a D&C on the 12th. How long should I wait before trying to have a baby again? Thank you for all your help, may God bless you all.


Shannon - January 15

My doctor told me to wait 3 months...I had a blighted ovum and had to have 2 D&C's in December...I started birthcontrol but may already be pregnant again! It's been 30 days since my D&C and still no period. I hope I am! Good luck.


Petra - January 27

I went to the Doctor last week because I started bleeding in my 8th week. Turns out this baby stopped developing in week 5 so I have an app in two weeks for a D/C and hope for my body to take care of it before then. But my Doctor said after the first normal periode to try again.


stacey - January 27

I just found out today that I lost my baby. The heartbeat had stopped and the growth wasn't right. My D&C is tomorrow, but my dr. said to wait until after one period to try again.


JF - January 28

Sorry to hear about the losses you all have suffered. I lost my baby at 8 weeks I started bleeding and when we did the ultrasound we saw that the baby stopped growing at 5 weeks. We have since started to try again. My doctor said to have one normal period.


akn - February 9

I had a D & C on Friday 2/4 & my doctor told me to be on pelvic rest for two weeks, but didn't say how long to wait before getting pregnant again.


ADB - February 10

Liz- I was diagnosed after 2 u/s (one at 8 wks one at 10 wks) that I had a blighted ovum. I asked my doctor when could we ttc again and she said after my first cycle which should come 4-6 weeks after the D & C. AKN- I too had my D & C on Friday. Did you bleed much? I spotted slightly for 2 days and that was it. I have a discomfort when I go to the bathroom (whether it be to pee or the "other") Are you experiencing any discomfort as well? Doc said I may have had a UTI and seem to be clearing up on my own. Just doesn't "feel right" ya know. My prayers go to anyone who has had a loss. I was blessed 9 months ago with a beautiful, healthy lil girl and this was our attempt to make her a big sissy...after my first cycle, we may make that attempt again...I'm taking life one day at a time.


Ali - February 25

I just had a D&C today. I too had a blighted ovum and being that this was our first pregnancy after years of trying, it was pretty devastating to say the least. My doctor told me that we could start trying again after my 2nd cycle. He wants my lining to have a chance to fully grow back before getting pregnant again. Good luck to all of you!


Amy - February 25

I am so sorry to hear about your loss Ali...I too just lost my first pregnancy last week after trying many years and I know how sad and disappointing it is..The one thing that has helped me get through each day is knowing that I did finally conceive after all that time trying.. and I truly believe it will happen again and I will be blessed with the baby that was meant to be in our life. Each day gets better..stay strong and never loose hope! Good luck to you in the future!


kb - February 28

How long should I wait to go back to the gym after a D&C


Kara - February 28

kb - i never asked my Dr when it would be ok but I can tell you from personal experience that 10 days is not long enough! I got really crampy, started bleeding a little and was very uncomfortable. I didn't get a bit of sleep that night. I tried again at 15 days and only worked out at about 50% effort. I still didn't feel completely normal, but it was it felt good to get back in the gym.


crystal - May 1

i was 11 wks pregnant and started to bleed on the 26th of april and got told after an u/s that i had lost the baby at about 6weeks i also had a blighted was the most hardest thing i have ever been make things worse it was my daughters 5th birthday the next day.i asked when would it be possible to start trying again the midwife said about 6 weeks,but she also said that if i fall pregnant again before that it doesnt matter.i have been having really hard days but i look at is as though there was something wrong with the baby and my body knew and done what needed to be done thats the only thing thats pulling me through this whole sorry for all those who have lost a child my heats goes out to them.i may only be 22 but it still hurts


staci - May 2

sorry to everyone for their losses. I had a D&C on 3/28 and came to find out last week that I am PG again! not sure how far along I am, hcg levels were tested to confirm that it was a new pg and just not left over hormones from m/c. anyway, I have a u/s scheduled in 2 weeks...very nervous. my doctor said that if your body wasnt healed that you wouldn't be able to conceive and that your chances of having another m/c are the same as they were the first time. however, I am paranoid everyday and worry everytime I go to the bathroom. I think that I would feel this way even if I had waited and got pg in months from now. I dont know if it will ever go away, the fear of another m/c. anyone else pg after a D&C ?


staci - May 2

I forgot to add that I didnt have an af in between!


Omicka Clay - September 25

I had a D&C done a month ago.I was seven weeks along and my doctor told me to wait until my hormone level went down under 5%. So now I am ready to try again.The best of luck to all of you.


crystal - September 25

hey every1 guess what im finally preggas again after 4 mths of trying im 5weeks 3days so still early stages yet fingers xd this time hey....after i lost the last baby in april i had a pap smear and found out im in the 1st stages on cervical cancer known as cin1......treatment will now commence after the baby is born im at no risk nor is the baby......i got to tell u though im am so scared this time round i want to get an ultrasound done next week to make sure its go a heart beat i couldnt bare to go through it again....but i have a good feeling bout this 1 and i think its a lil girl to i knew when i was 1st preggas with my daughter that she was a girl at this anyways i have to c a specialist every mth now to make sure everythings going fine....and id just like to say that there is a siler lning to every dark cloud....good luck to every1 that is trying and congrats to all that have succeeded


[email protected] - January 21

HI There li I lost a baby at 20 weeks in september the doc told me to wait for my period and then I could try I got pregnant and I just found out yesterday that my baby stop growing at 7 weeks I am 11 weeks I have to have a dnc on friday I really haven't had a good experience but I can only say proberbly going with how you feel and what you think is right as long as you feel ready, I now face it and not really knowing what to do sorry I cant be much help I know what your going through its C___p!



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