How Long Before Signs Of Miscarriage

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Emma - October 14

Hopefully I'm just being paranoid but I lost my pregnancy symptoms two weeks ago at 5 weeks and I just wonder how long a missed miscarriage (or blighted ovum, etc.) could hang out. I read about people finding out at scans that the baby had died a couple of weeks earlier - how would those women have known if a scan hadn't been done? Is there always a natural process through cramping and bleeding or could an undeveloped embryo stay inside indefinitely? My doctor won't do any beta tests and my first scan isn't for six more weeks. I am just dreading finding out then that all along this hasn't been a viable pregnancy.


mojo - October 18

Emma I have had both a miscarriage & a blighted ovum with in the last 10 months. With the miscarriage I was 12 wks pregnant when I started to have brown discharge this lasted for about 1wk before I had the miscarriage. I didn't even know that anything was wrong until I had the brown discharge. With the blighted ovum I was about 8wks when I had the brown discharge this lasted for about 2wks before I had the miscarriage. I also had strange cramping pains in my lower abdomen on and off for the 2wks. I did know that I had a blighted ovum as I had a scan at the beginning when I started to have brown discharge. With me my pregnancy syptoms started to go after I had the miscarriages. I know that it is a worry not knowing if every thing is alright until you have had the scan. Try to get through one day at a time and don't worry. I am afraid that if you are going to miscarry the embryo that you can not stop it. I don't think that you can carry an undeveloped embro indefinitely. Good luck and try not to worry.


Emma - October 18

thanks for your kind words - unfortunately I just went for a private scan and it confirmed my fears that the embryo is only measuring 4.5mm, consistent with 5 weeks, and no heartbeat. They said I should come back in a week. I have virtually no hope though, as it just fits too perfectly with what I suspected - that the baby stopped developing two weeks ago when my b___sts stopped being tender (and I've had no nausea). now i have to work out my miscarriage options...


Mojo - October 19

Emma, I am really sorry. I know what you are going through. I had to wait 2 wks for my second scan, but like you I already knew what the outcome was going to be. Let me know how you get on. My thoughts are with you good luck.


Emma - October 24

the answer to my question: it took 3 weeks from the day i lost symptoms/felt intuition something was wrong to start miscarrying in earnest. I started spotting Friday and it's turned to heavier blood today. I had a second scan today and the embryo was nowhere to be seen and the sac was smaller and making its way to my cervix. now i just want this to be over with but have been advised to let it happen naturally, though I did ask for a D&C. annoyingly, the bleeding and cramping have calmed down tonight.


Erin - October 24

Ultrasound is the only answer. I had spotting with my daughter, and she's here today. I had a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks and had no symptoms. I even had morning sickeness right up until the ultrasound at 10 weeks. It showed an empty sac, even though we had seen baby and heartbeat at 8 weeks. Ultrasound is the only way to know for sure. Go to a doctor who will give you and ultrasound immediately. I have a history of mc, and my doctor scans me every two weeks, sometimes more in the first tirmester. Blood tests are not as reliable as ultrasound.


Erin - October 24

Sorry, Emma - didn't realize you had follow up posts. I'm so sorry. I have had 4 mc's, one naturally at 6 weeks... Otherwise all D&C's. Both have advantages.


Julie - October 24

Hi Emma, I am so very sorry. I noticed that once the cramping subsided it didn't take to long before the whole thing was over. This was me though everyone is different. I have spoken to someone who said once it reaches the cervix, pushing may help to speed things up. Hopefully it will be over for you soon. Take care of yourself.


Julie - October 24

Sorry Emma, I should have been more specific with time. From the time the cramping stopped it would have been 3 hours until it was all over.


Cynth - October 24

Emma,Yes, I think you are paranoid :-). If you are not bleeding till now, there's not much to worry. Most early miscarriages bleed out soon. . I was like you wondering why I never had pregnancy symptoms at 6 weeks, but it all came with vengeance at week 7. So be happy & enjoy your pregnancy


Julie - October 25

Cynth, have you not realised that Emma has had follow up posts.


emma - October 25

no worries if people haven't read the whole thread - i am not sensitive about it at this point! i think i pa__sed the sac this morning. i woke from a deep sleep and felt some twinges unlike anything i felt so far. when i went to pee, i was holding tp to check out if something had happened - what i think must have been the sac just pa__sed out easily. i'm still feeling crampy but am hopeful the worst is over. (and feel lucky because i only had one really bad moment when the bleeding first started sunday and i nearly pa__sed out and my temperature plummetted to 95.) my only concern now is my hcg levels were still quite high yesterday - 14,000 or so, though obviously dropping (16,000 friday.) I'm hoping that doesn't mean a longer process. off to do some research...


Cynth - October 25

Emma, I am so sorry I didnt read the full thread. I just wanted to cheer you up. I miscarried at 15 weeks and went in for a D&E on Oct 27th. A week before it was confirmed, I was feeling so fresh and I thought it was because of second trimester. But then I began to have fever, my doc told me to take Tylenol and I was taking trying to keep down the fever over the weekend. On Monday 26th, I went and saw that there was no heartbeat. I had a D&E and am now trying to forget it. I had laminaria/lamicel tents inserted, which were so painful and I cried so much. Nobody has heard of this and everybody wonder why the surgeon never gave me an anaethetic. I had nightmares of the pain and am still not able to think of "making love" . I had such a lousy first trimester, that I went grocery shopping after 3 months - I used to 4/5 times a day etc. Well, that's my story. I just wanted to make you feel better, without reading much. I try to console myself by saying atleast I didnt have to deliver the baby as so many people do. Good luck and dont worry, it takes some time for the hormone levels to come down.


Cynth - October 25

On Sept 27th, not Oct.


angel - October 26

hi i had a miscrriage in oct 04.... the whole time i was pregnant i was feeling really sick and i had some weird pains. about 5/6 weeks in the pain got really really bad.... like someone stabbing a knife in my abdomen and i starting bleeding. i got pregnant 2 months later and the same thing happened... if ur miscarrying ull feel a lot of pain all of a sudden.. and then ull start bleeding... i hope everything works out... try to get an earlier dr appt see if there is anything u can do.... god bless



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