How Long Did It Last

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Elise - December 15

If you had a natural miscarriage, how long did it last? My bleeding (sorry if TMI) started Friday, stopped, started again Tuesday and continued to Wednesday night, nothing this morning and now it's back with a vengeance. How much longer will this go on for? The cramps today are horrible.


Dina - December 15

I'm sorry you're going through this. I had a miscarriage about two months ago and it was pretty quick. It was all over within a couple of days. If it keeps going I would definitely make an appointment.


ashlee - December 15

hey elise, im sorry to hear what you are going through at the moment too. i had a natural miscarriage in june at 8 weeks. if i remember correctly i started off with light brown discharge that slowly got darker and darker and on about day 7 was when the red blood started coming. The flow was extremely heavy for about 2 days and slowed down again after all the tissue had pa__sed. after that i bled lightly then to a brown discharge again which lasted an extra 3 days. so all up it took about 11-12 days for everything to happen and for all discharges to stop. Again elise, i am really sorry. have you been to your doctor? my thoughts are with you. xx


Elise - December 16

Thanks - that makes me feel better that at least what I'm going through is fairly normal. Ashlee - it sounds like you went through what I'm going through almost exactly. I did go to my doctor but not since the heavy bleeding started. Sorry for both of your losses as well.


Kristine - December 16

Hi Elise, I miscarried naturally on December 6th. The first day was horrendous with the pain and bleeding and clotting. Worst experience of my life. The bleeding lasted for about 4 days and then turned brownish. That lasted about 4 days and it stopped. Today I go for an exam to see if I have healed. I had a D&C in August and I would vote for the natural method. Good luck to you. Most doctors will give you pain meds if it's really bad.


Kim - December 16

Hi Elise. With both of my miscarriages, they began with brown spotting that lasted several days like ashlee. The first time it took two weeks from start to finish for the bleeding to be gone. This last time it took three, but I was a little further along too. I hope it's over for you soon! i know how awful it is. Take good care...xxoo



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