How Long Did It Take To Conceive Again After Miscarriage

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madison - April 17

just curious as to what everyones experiences are about conceiving after their miscarriage. how long did it take you to conceive after your miscarriage?


Mellissa - April 17

it took me 6 months to conceive again after a m/c and d&c last april. i am now 26 weeks pregnant again. :)


Nicole1 - April 18

It took me two weeks. I had a D&C on July 16th. I am due to have my healthy baby boy tomorrow...although I don't think it is going to happen for another week. Good Luck


buffy2297 - April 18

I was 9 weeks along and a scan revealed the baby was dead so I had to have a D&C on 6th Jan. I then got pregnant in my March cycle but then I m/c again. It was a chem PG. It only took me two months to catch the first time as well. Hope this helps. Some women go on to get pregnant without getting their first AF and have a full healthy pregnancy.


gemini_star1983 - April 18

Hello madison, I had a missed m/c (chemical pregnancy) on the 3rd January and was pregnant again by the 25th...everything seems to be going well so far *touch wood*. I will be 14 weeks on wednesday.was a bit worried that i had no symptoms but there s/he was on the screen...wiggling around like crazy....symptoms started to hit me hard last week too. I'm not going to tell anyone (family and friends that is) till i have my 2nd scan at 20 weeks.will keep you posted. good Luck and sticky baby dust! Marie.


Susan W - April 18

I m/c at home January 15th and conceived again February 3-4. U/s has shown a healthy 12 week baby but I have a subchorionic hematoma and a placenta that is currently laying directly over my cervix :(


Kristin72 - April 18

I had a missed miscarriage and D&C on December 22'05 (I was 13 weeks 6 days) and I conceived after 2 cycles. My laster period was Feb 14th and I conceived Feb 28th. I am in my 9th week. I have heard the heartbeat twice.. once yesterday by doppler and another time at a 6 week ultrasound. I have had some spotting so I just pray everything will be o.k. I got pregant by monitoring my basal temps and I used a ovulation predictor kit. I have some prenatal screening tests booked around the 11 week mark. Take CAre Kristin


Jennifer28 - April 18

Hi Madison. I had a missed m/c at 13 wks (baby measured 8w5d) in Dec. '05. I had my first visit from AF on Feb. 14 and was pg again before my 2nd cycle after my m/c. So far so good - I am 7w5d... I will have my 3rd u/s on 4/26. Good luck and lots and lots of sticky baby dust!! SUSAN- I will say a prayer that everything works out for you!! (((HUGS)))


sa__sifras - April 18

Hey madison, I had an m/c in the end of Oct. '05, and got pregnant in January, am now almost 16 wks. The dr said they recommend 3 cycles but have women that get pregnant right away and everything is fine.


Cindy Johnson - April 18

Hello Madison, I had a stillbirth in June of last year and just found out that we are expectin again. It took us 8months to get pregnant again. Good luck to you.


Chas - April 19

Well, a lot of your stories are encouraging. I just had a d&c yesterday and it took us 14 mos to achieve that pregnancy. I am hoping to get pregnant again soon. My doc said I should wait until I have at least one cycle before trying again. But once I get the okay that everything is healed, (i go back in two weeks) my dh is going to be anxious about bd'ing... so if it happens, it happens. I really hope so ! Good luck to all of you also.


Morrison1 - April 20

Hi Madison - I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant on 2/10 and then m/c on 2/17. I had one cycle after that, my first post m/c af came on 3/20 and I am now pg again and almost 5 weeks along. My levels have all been tested-so far so good, and I go in for my first u/c on May 4th! Good luck and baby dust to you~


Jen01 - April 20

I m/c at 7wk, waited 3 months and tried for 2 cycles before conceiving. It was hard to wait, but I feel well worth it. We used OPK's.


Laurabb4 - April 20

I m/c'd last Sept. I waited one cycle before trying to conceive. I was able to conceive that month. I am 27 weeks now.



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