How Long Do I Have To Wait

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Q - July 24

I was told 11 days ago that there was no heartbeat and no growth during my ultrasound. I decided to let my body miscarry naturally, but am getting tired of waiting. Did anyone else wait, and for how long? I prefer not to have a D&C, but at the same time it's hard knowing I am/am not pregnant. I keep hoping things are fine, but then remember seeing no heartbeat and make myself get it through my thick head that this just isn't a viable pregnancy. I would've been done my twelfth week by now, and it's just hard some days.


Cabbie - July 24

I am so sorry for your loss. I had a d&c on June 29. I would have been in my 10 week but the baby did not develop past a few cells (blighted ovum). However, my sacs were still developing (albeit a little slow). I had all my pregnancy symptoms (fatigue, nausea, heartburn, etc) since it is the sacs that put off the hormone that causes the symptoms. I can only tell you what I experienced. My dr told me that he wanted me to have a d&c for several reasons. (1) He felt since my sacs were developing so well I may not miscarry for several more weeks. This would have put me into my 14-15 weeks. He felt that would be too hard physically and mentally on me. (2) He said the chances of hemorraging with a miscarriage go up as your weeks progress. (3) He also said the likelyhood of needing a d&c after a natural miscarriage goes up with the pa__sing weeks. Basically, he said once you reach the double digits in weeks, everything gets a little tricky. I know every dr and every situation is different, but I am so glad my dr really wanted me to have the d&c because I think if he had come at me like "What do you want to do?", I would have said I don't want surgery. I have had a previous miscarriage at 6 weeks. The natural miscarriage was SO much more painful than the d&c. I spotted for six days after the d&c. In fact, I went on vacation three days post procedure. Physically I felt good. Mentally, I was so glad to have the tragic situation resolved. I was still tough, but it was over so quickly. I wish you well whatever you decide. I truely understand the torture of waiting. One last thing, have your dr do a follow up ultrasound and blood panel (progesterone and hcg) to confirm the recent findings so that there will never be a question in your mind if you decide to do a d&c. Mine did, and I am so glad I will never wonder whether I might have done something to a baby that could have made it. God bless.


Q - July 25

Thanks for your thoughtful response Cabbie. I have decided to call my doctor tomorrow to go over my options. I told him 11 days ago that I would wait up to two weeks, then get a D&C. I will definitely want a final ultrasound to confirm everything, as I need to ensure that things are not progressing at all. I think that's why I prefer a natural miscarriage, so I don't actually have to decide. But, at the same time, I need to have this pregnancy over. Anyways, thanks again.


Allison - July 28

Hi Q - I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum as well - started bleeding right after the ultrasound, albeit kind of lightly. It's now 2 1/2 weeks later and I finally "pa__sed" everything yesterday (whew!). I was hoping I could do things naturally and I'm glad everything seemed to come out ok. I'm still bleeding now, but a lot less.


Q - July 29

Allison, I'm glad everything went ok for you (as glad as one can be, I guess). I went to my doc and he wants me to wait one more week, as I started spotting a few days ago. I'm also getting some period-like symptoms (headaches, 3am wakeups, etc) that are normal for me when I get my period, so I am hoping this will happen soon. I would still prefer to have a natural miscarriage, it just feels right to me, but I'm so impatient! Anyways, have you guys decided to try again right away or wait? My bf and I are undecided. Basically, I 've been pregnant since last november, with lots of ups and downs and no baby.


Allison - July 29

I hear you - I've been pregnant since January (twice) with an emergency surgery and a natural miscarriage in between - and no baby. We're going to wait one full cycle and then start trying. Although we seem to get pregnant everytime we're in a warm room together :). Just hoping for super glue this time around.


Q - July 31

sigh 18 days since we were told the bad news. I went in to my doc and he wants me to wait until this weekend is over before D&C option. I know it will happen whenever, I just try to keep my mind off of this as often as possible. My bf and I have decided to wait at least three months before trying again. Maybe longer, as it's been pretty rough this year. Allison, if you find the miracle super glue, let me in on it :) Seriously though, my coworker has had two m/c's and is on her third and so far successful pregnancy (19 weeks or 20) which gives me hope!


OR - August 4

I had a D&E on Monday, 8/1 and I was thankful that I did. I was experiencing heavy bleeding and severe cramps since I started spotting the previous Saturday. Immediately following surgery, I was pain free and I felt a relief emotionally. Waiting and wondering if you had pa__sed something was horrible. Best of luck.



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