How Long Do I Wait To See If Im Pregnant Again

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MissFabulosity - October 4

So i had a miscarriage on Sept 11...i was about 8 weeks prego i didnt need to have any cleaning or anything done the doctor said i was fine everything happened on its own....i did bleed for 8 days and then was and my boyfriend continued to be s_xually active after that point and tryed to be safe but i know at times we weren;t and i kniow was stupid on our part!! is now oct 4 and starting yesterday i started to get lil cramps like i was going to get my period but they would only last a couple min and go away like i did b4 i found out i was prego the last time! and my boyfriend are going thro some rough times right now and are not currently speaking...i wanted to know how long do i wait untill i get a home pregnancy test or go to the doctors because im extrealy scared and dont want to raise this baby on my own but i dont want to say anything to my boyfriend yet incase i may not be and it looks like im a teen girl tryin to keep a man by sayin im pregnant!...if you know what i mean! how soon would it show up on a home test!.... like if im pregnant wont it show up no matter what cuz i have the pregnancy hormon in me!..pls would mean the world to me!!...thank you for all who respond!...


Tory1980 - October 4

I am sorry to hear about you losing your little one. I would say it is too early to tell just yet whether you are pregnant or not. How long were your cycles before the miscarriage? I am only counting about 24days. Every womans levels drop at different rates, for me my AF showed 33days later after a miscarriage at 14w4d but I have known women here on this forum that actually need medication to kick start their periods again. The cramps could be your warnnig your period is soon to show but if it hasn't by the end of next week and you have an average cycle of 28days then I would do a test then. Sometimes your body just needs the few extra days after a loss. If it comes back positive go to the Doctor to determine if it is another pregnancy or just that your hormone levels haven't dropped properly yet.



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