How Long Does It Take To Discover A Missed Miscarriage

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sarah ahmed - January 27

last august (2006) i went for my 12 week scan only to discover my baby had died at 8 weeks. i had no bleeding or any other sign that showed things were not going so good with my pregnancy. now im 12 weeks pregnant. i saw the heartbeat at 8 weeks. i cant chill out. im going for a private scan next week. the nhs wont do it. does anyone out there know anything about this??? please please respond


stefkay - January 27

Hi sarah, I know it doesn't help much, but I am sure your baby is doing fine! I had a similar experience very recently where I went to my 3rd u/s at what should have been almost 11 weeks by lmp, but it showed the baby had stopped growing at around 6-7weeks. I had seen the hb at 6 weeks, but it stopped very soon after that 2nd u/s and I had no signs that it had happened. I didn't actually m/c for another week after that, so it took my body a long time to recognize it. The good news for you though is that in both of my first two ultrasounds the baby lagged behind by nearly 2 weeks growth wise even though I saw a h/b at the second, I knew something was wrong because my dates could not have been off as the dr. suggested. I just felt like there was something going on. If you've had an u/s where the baby is on target for growth or pretty close and a hearbeat, I'm sure everything is good! Good luck :-)


debbie80 - January 29

Hey Sarah- wow you and I are in pretty much in the same boat. I have had two m/c-my latetest one was in Aug 06 d/c. I was going on my 9th week when I found out..Fast foward- On Christmas I found out that I was expecting..I was happy but yet so scared. I went in at 5.5 weeks and we found a heart beat of 117. Doctor said she would like to see it go up so I went in a week later and it was at 150 and all my dates were correct. My problem is that I do not go back until I am 12 weeks!! I have a lot of symptoms but now it seems ilke they are fading away- my doctor didnt seem to concerned because she said that my hormones are leveling off now because I am getting closer to the second trimester- But I worry every single day whethe or not I am still pregnant...every time I go to the bathroom I pray that I do not have any spotting...or the littlest little cramp or pull has me freaked out!! I am also thinking about a private scan since my doctor will not do one for me..I just dont know where to go for one? Any suggestions? Its nice to know that I am not the only worry wart arond here! lol..


DownbutnotOUT - January 30

for me I was 11 weeks and 1 day and it was the day before my first scheduled u/s and I had blood in my panties. Going to the ER my HCG levels were so low, 6900, and the u/s showed a 6 week 6 day old fetus with no heartbeat. I had no idea that the baby had pa__sed and I m/c naturally 4 days later. Im pregnant again and it was hell I had cramping, back aches, and spotting I thought for sure i was m/cing again but no im 21 weeks and 1 day with a healthy wee one. I know its sooooo hard to try to relax but you saw a hb and that is rea__suring, take care



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