How Long Does It Take To Get Back To Quot Normal Quot

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Jo - July 4

Hi Ladies, i had a d&c 10 weeks ago, my first period came 36 days after d&c and my second came after 33 days. Im normally on a 28 day cycle. Has this happened to anyone else or anyone know why im having longer cycles. Im ttc again so this is really hard to tell whats going on with my body. Any advise??


Brooke - July 4

Jo - I had a D&C on April 14,2005 at 9.5 weeks. I had my first period on May 30th (48 days) and I am currently awaiting my 2nd. I am now at 36 days. I am waiting on this second one before ttc as my doctor advised. I have never been so ready to see my period. I am just going to try every other night if possible. That is what I did the first time and it worked. Good luck.


Julia - July 5

My first AF was 27 days after, same as usual. But my 2nd was only pink spotting for 2 days 31 days later, now day 33 finally regular AF. Good luck, hopefully NO AF next month.


Lea - July 5

I think everyone's different. I had a d&c on Feb 9th at about 7-9 weeks. first cycle was 51 days. 2nd cycle was 42 days. more than anything I wanted to feel "normal" again. I was on 33 day cycles prior to the d&c.


Brooke - July 9

I just started my second af after D&C. It took 38 days this time (48 last time). I don't know if there is such thing as normal after your body goes through such a thing for a while. Wish me luck in the month to come!!!


Kishia - July 9

I m/c May 1 got my 1st af June 2 got my 2nd af June 24. Now I am waiting for my 3rd.


K - July 10

I miscarried naturally at 15 weeks on 5/31. I got my period on 7/3 and it was normal. As emotionally normal, I got much better after my period came. Before that, I had a lot of depression, but now I am much better.


Tara - July 10

I had a D&C on June 3 and today its been 38 days since and no sign of af. Im getting really depressed because the waiting has been horrible. I had an infection in my uterus and if I get a period chances are things are getting better. I hope and pray to see my af soon.Good luck


Jenn - July 10

I just posted the same question before I looked down and saw yours, I mc in april, first af 21 days, scond 26 days, third justcame at 35 days, I don't know when I'll get back to "normal" but I too was to ttc and cofused about what my body is doing. my normal cycle was 27-29 days.



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