How Long Is Too Long For Cycle After Mc

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karen goode - May 20

Hi I am worried b/c i have not gotten my period yet. I started to miscarry on 4/14 had D&C on 4/16. My cycle is usually every 32 days. I already ovulated a little over a couple of weeks ago. After my first mc I got my period on the 32 day. It is now the 34th day. Please help.


jalbert - May 20

My m/c was on July 26th. I asked my OB the same question because he said you should get your cycle 6-8 weeks afterwards. I asked what happens if you don't (and aren't pg!). He said he would worry unless it was January and I hadn't gotten it. So, that was 4 months after a m/c that he would start to be concerned. Personally, I had something very light almost 4 weeks to the day that I m/c'ed. It was so light, I wasn't sure what it was. It only lasted a day. It must have been my cycle for that month because I ended up pregnant a month later! Good luck!


Happiness to come - May 20

HI Karen, I am sorry for you loss! I miscarried on 4/17 and had a D&E on 4/18. I just had one day of bleeding, which was this past Thusday. I was worried because I had cramps and all the other symptoms but less than a day of bleeding. Have you had any spotting or bleeding? I got mine on the 30th day after my miscarriage and I am usually a 28 day or less may be coming soon! Do you have any pms symptoms? Hope this helps? Are you planning to ttc again?


karen goode - May 20

Hi Happiness, no I don't have any symptoms. I took a hpt but it is was neg.. I just don't understand why it's so late. I thought being that I started to naturally miscarry on 4/14 I would get my period on time even though i had a D&C on the 16th. I definitely ovulated. Its just so frustrating b/c I need to have procedures done but I have to wait to have my period. I want to ttc but I am being seen by a RE and have to wait to have these procedures done first before we can ttc again. I have had no spotting or bleeding. I have realy bad lower back pains which I never had befroe except for the miscrriages. I also have some abdominal pain. I decided that I am going to call my doctor on monday b/c this is concerning me. I was running the other day and had some cream border line brown discharge. I called my doctor's office and they said it could just be left over from the miscarriage. Oh will thanks for your advice.


Happiness to come - May 20

Karen, I would definitely call your want to make sure that everything is okay. It is good that the hpt is neg. b/c that means your levels are down! Did you go back for a check up after your D&C? I went back 3 weeks later and she did something to make sure there wasn't an infection. I definitely had more cramping and back pains this time than I usually do! I am a runner also and cramps don't usually bother me when I run but they did this time. Also, What is an RE? Good luck and let me know what happens!


karen goode - May 20

An Re is a Reproductive Endrconologist. A fertility specialist. I am going b/c I have had 2 miscarriages and I am 35. I have had so much done to my body already and I will do what ever I have to do to have a baby but I need to get my period. I know constantly thinking about it is not helping.


kezgillott - May 21

I really think you should just go and get checked out by a doctor. I had (still havent)bled for 4months since my d&c and have to go for weekly blood tests to check my levels are reducing. Last week they stopped going down and I was warned I may have a molar pregnancy. (form of cancer I think) they took me in for another d&c and found that they had left something behind. Luckily I got the result yesterday that I didnt have a molar and can now wait for a period to come. (although I may just try again!) please go and see someone, even if your a tiny bit worried. My life has been awful for 5months because all I wanted was a period! Good luck love


Julie.N - May 21

Hi Karen, I know how you feel, i had a m/c 9th april (6 wks ago today) and still havnt gotten my period. I am starting to worry about it now. i did a hpt the other day & it was neg, then got levels checked and they were down to 6. i really thought i would have had my period by now and got back into my cycles. i now get really down when i think about it, cos i really want to ttc again, but until i get my period and know that everything is ok i cant. Its really hard not to think about it constantly aswell which i think makes it worse! Hope you get yours soon and everything is ok!!


karen goode - May 21

Hi everyone I got my period last night. I am so relieved. I have to call RE tomorrow to schedule Tennessee blood work and HSG. I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for your support.


Rita - May 22

Hi all, I suffered with a m/c at 8 weeks in November. Dr told me it would be 6-8 weeks before my periods would return. 6 months later, still nothing. In between i went back forth to the Dr wo kept saying it is quite normal. Blood tests were done to make sure my hormones were in check. Friday and over 6 months on, I do a preg test as my b___sts are sore and tender and have been for 2 weeks but no period. Well, I'm pregnant and over the moon. Chcked with the Dr and he wasn't concerned that I hadn't had a period, he said the only reason why Dr prefer you to have period in between is so that they can calculate the due date. I know how frsutrating it is, but the more you worry the longer it takes. Good luck


Kristine - May 22

Hi Karen, What is Tennessee bloodwork? By the way, I got my cycle yesterday after the 4/19 m/c. I go for my sonohysterogram Thursday and FSH bloodwork tomorrow. Haven't you had some tests already? I thought I read that on a previous post of yours.


Lucky2HaveOne - May 27

I had a m/c on 3/15 and it took me 8 weeks to get my AF. I'm not sure if I ovulated or not. Now, I'm charting my BBT to see if I ovulate or not. I'm on CD18 and still no ovulation. I was always very regular before,but I guess a m/c can change your cycles.


karen goode - May 28

Kristine sorry I did not respond sooner I just saw your post. The bloodwork I had was called Dr. Kutteh Tennese bloods testing for anticardiolipin antibodies/antiphospholipid antibodies. My doctor is sending it to Ten. for testing. I already had the tests but my doctor told me sometimes in a commercial lab they make mistakes so we paid out of pocket for this. I had the FSH test which resulted in bad news. My doctor told me my level is at 17.6 which means I am perimenapausal. I posted about this. I am truly devasted. I have to go on Wed. for the Hysterosalpinogram which I am terrified about. I feel like all my hopes and dreams are gone. He said that I f i don't get preg. next month then he wants to reapeat the FSH test to see if my levels go down. Sometims they bounce around. I am not optimistic though. He said i may continue to miscarry b/c of my eggs. CAn you believe this I am only 35. I have heard of this happening to women but I never thought it would happen to me. I do get hot flashes and my periods are regular but shortened and I have gained alot of weight that won't come off. I am so sad.


Kristine - May 28

Karen, I am so very sorry to hear this. I don't know how I would take such news. But ,it sounds like your doctor may be trying other things such as repeating the FSH tests. Maybe they are wrong. I myself just requested bloodwork I had last December be repeated just in case it was wrong. I'm with an RE now so she is open to repeating any tests I've already had with my previous OB. ................................I know it is easier said than done but try to take things day by day. You are still in the midst of testing so there may be hope for you. I'll be thinking of you. (((HUGS)))


karen goode - May 28

THanks Kristine i am in a such a fog. After i have the HSG on the 31st I am going to get a second opinon. We are going ttc again and see what happens. My doctor said we have a 50/50 chance but I am at an increased risk now of chromosonal abnormalities. It's just so crazy. It should not have to be this difficult to have a baby. Hugs to you as well!



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