How Long Should I Wait

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Claud - November 30

hi girls, i had a mc on sept 20,2007 i was so sad the Doctor told me to wait for 3 periods before i try again i 've only had one in Nov 1 waitind on my period for Dec. I don't really want to wait for 3periods but I'm scared to get pregnant again & have a mc again I've only had 1 mc. I have 3 daughters from a prevoius relationship.I got married to a wonder man in 2006 we would to have one child together i'm 36 & he's 41i would like to start trying in Dec is that too soon please help me


jstaley1228 - November 30

Hi, Claud! It's jstaley...I think you are from the other thread, right? Anyhow, like you my D&C was late Sept, the 26th to be exact, and I have been anxious to try again as well. I have had a lot of trouble with my hormone levels dropping and I finally got word yesterday that they are back to normal. 2 months later! Sheesh... My doc also told me to wait two cycles befor ttc. I had my frist last month and am hoping for my second to start next week. After that it's full speed ahead for me and DH. I think three cycles sounds a little long and if you feel ready I honestly think two would be fine. BUT...I had wanted to try last month, after one cycle (fortunately my hormones were still up so it would not have been possible) however there was a little part of me that was nagging at me to wait after the doc told me two cycles. I wish they wouldn't say things like that because now...after a miscarriage, you want to do everything perfect and you wonder if it wasn't perfect the second time around would it be your fault for not waiting three or two or however many cycles the doc told you to wait? This is a decision only you can make and feel good/comfortable about. I can only tell you what my doc said and I'm taking her advice and going for it. What feels right for you? I know your anxious but do you think you would be too worried if you did not wait three like your doc said?



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