How Long Should I Wait Before Trying After A Miscarriage

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lucy206 - June 10

Hi - I am in the mist right now of miscarrying. It was hard news to take from the doctor - and the actual bleeding is horrible. Anyway, just wondering when I can start trying again. My doctor said once my levels are back to zero I can start clomid. Has anyone had a m/c and then started clomid after their levels were down to zero? Any info will help me. Thanks!!


DownbutnotOUT - June 10

Im sorry for your lose, I lost my little angel May 15, 2006. I have also had this question and have had different answers. I have heard success stories of ladies concieving after the 1st normal cycle. But for me I asked my OBGYN and she automatically said 3 months. My best advice is wait until you are mentally and emotionally prepared to try again. I know the urge to have another baby NOW is overwhelming at least wait 1 cycle for your body to heal and than take sometime for you. God bless XoX


kiza - June 11

I delivered my son on may 8th 2006 at 21 weeks due to some birth defects. My doctor told me to wait a couple of cycles before ttc again. But that was not cause of a physical point of view, more an emotional one. She wants me to take the time and greive properly for my son before I start ttc again. I can understand what she means, cause as much an all as I want to be pregnant again right now ( thats all I think about ) I really need the break from all the worry a new pregnancy will cause. Anyone that has lost a baby knows as soon as you get that bfp the worry and stress kicks in and that does no one any good especially when you are still grieving. The wanting to be pregnant again stays with you, but let yourself be mentally prepared, then go and bd your hearts out. Good luck with whatever you choose to do and I wish happy future pregnancies on you.


Dj - June 11

Hi Lucy - I am sorry for your loss. I went through 2 m/c - one in August and again in September. My dr recommended I wait one full cycle, but I didn't - I found the best way FOR ME to get over was to try, try again - I got pregnant immediately after my second miscarriage ( I never had a normal period after that) and I am expecting in less than 8 weeks. The first time I miscarried I waited for one full cycle, got pregant and then had my second miscarriage. Just thought I'd share my "success" story. I understand how hard it is, but there is hope!


crystaln - June 11

dj thank you so much for your success story i had my d&c on may 25 well 13 days later dh and i had a slip up, and havent gotten af yet i heard you are very fertile 14 days after so i'am a little worried about being pg this soon. i have had 2 m/c one in between my 2 kids and then this last one.


Dj - June 13

Hey crystal - so sorry for your losses - I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. I was quite worried when I got pg immediately after, but I've had zero problems, baby is totally healthy. The way that I approached my m/c was that the doctor was unable to tell me why I was miscarrying, they wouldn't do any testing until I had 3 miscarriages - so I figured, if something is wrong I want to know ASAP, the only way to do that was to try try again. If I would have lost another one, at least I might have had some answers and could possibly do something.


Steffer - June 24

Hi, I am in the same position, I had a miscarriage in April and did not get my period and just took a test and now i am pregant, i think anyway it can back positive. I am so scared everyone i talk to says i am a t high risk for another miscarriage so all i can do i pray.


iemc19 - June 24

Hi Steffer - There's no reason you should be a high risk after 1 m/c...I had 2 kids followed by m/c, had 1 cycle and then a healthy pregnancy. Miscarried at the end of March again - 6 weeks of bleeding ! My gp doesn't even go into the whys and whatifs..It was nature's way and only we can know when we're ready to try again. Emotionally and physically. But being pregnant again so soon shouldn't cause you any added problems. But the worry will always be there! Congrats and good luck!


Steffer - June 26

Thanks iemc19, the more positive feedback i get the better i feel. So thank you and I will keep everyone updated!!



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