How Long Should My Period Last After A Miscarriage Worried

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Michelle - September 27

I had a miscarriage just a little over a month ago. I had bleeding on and off. But two weeks ago I started my regular period. I'm still bleeding. Is this normal? How long does a period normally last after a miscarriage?


Julie A - September 27

My OB said it could last several days to 2-3 weeks. My first period after my m/c was light spotting and this last period was heavier and lasted a week.


MrsHalvie - September 27

My first af after miscarriage lasted 2 weeks. My dr. told me that was not unusual and to just keep monitoring how things go.


Jessica - September 27

I was wondering the same thing. I had my 1st af after a m/c and it was heavy for 2 days and then nothing. Since then I've had VERY VERY light spotting, if it wasnt that I've been so particular and watching everything that's going on in my body I probably wouldnt have noticed. I would definitely love to get more feedback from other woman who have gone through this.


Lorraine - September 28

I got my period last Wednesday, 4 weeks after mmc. It was heavy for 2-3 days, normally period lasts 3-4 days however a week later I am still spotting, but it is very very light aswell. I think it is all normal though.


Michelle - September 28

Thank you for replying with some information that came from your own experiences. I was really beginning to wonder what was going on. My doctor didn't tell me anything I should expect. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question. Blessed Be


Lashawn - September 28

Michelle I pretty much had the same situation as you are describing for my first and second AF. It started as spotting got very heave and is tapering off but its been 8 days already. Rather discouraging if you ask me.


Tanner - September 28

I had pretty much the same situation. As long as you don't soak a pad in an hr you should be fine


Karen - September 28

I think I would call my doctor just to make sure you completely miscarried. Did you have a fup after the m/c? I had a D&C at 12 weeks and bleed on / off lightly for a few days then had a regular period 29 days later. I think everyone is different but I would fup just to make sure everything is okay.


Confused - September 29

I just miscarried last week, and my period just stopped. It was pretty much like a normal period for me, just a lot more painful. None of my pregnancy symptoms seem to be going away though, in fact, some seem to be getting worse. Is that normal? My fiance thinks I might still be pregnant, but I don't see how its possible.


Rachel - September 29

Did anybody have small clots with their period after a miscarriage?


Michelle - September 30

Rachel. Yes I had small blood clots at the beginning of my period. But after a week I no longer saw any.


Michelle - September 30

No, I didn't have a fup. My doctor never said to come back. In fact he didn't tell me anything except that my hcg levels dropped and I was having a m/c. No u/s, nothing. Should I have went back? Or found another doctor to do a fup?


erickajae94 - October 20

I miscarried about a month ago on Sept.15 with my 2nd miscarriage. I started bleeding last week which started out light and then became very heavy with clots, I am now on day 8 and not sure if it's slowed down, I do have a appointment tomorrow to make sure every thing is okay. I did have an us that said I had no tissue and last appointment was told my hcg levels were at negative 5 so I am hoping it's nothing but a period and hoping it ends soon. All this bleeding can sure drain you ????



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